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Prosneige Bootfitting Val d’Isère

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Feel the pleasure to put on your ski boots!

Prosneige Ski Boot Experts. Bootfitting in Val d’Isère. Very close to the ski lifts area you will find our Prosneige shop in Val d’Isère. Bootfitters will identify your needs and they will use our state of the art equipment to measure your feet, instep, ankles & calves. We can then recommend the best boots to suit your needs and if you’ll need a custom made foot bed – so your boots are super comfy. 

Where to find our Bootfitting shop in Val d’Isère ?

Our Bootfitting Team available for you!

  • Experienced Bootfitters: Our Val d’Isère bootfitters have a great knowledge and experience of bootfitting in which you can trust. They are able to transform your problems and uncomforts into solutions. You will also find a large choice of ski boots that will be adapted to your needs and your foot morphology.
  • A trained Team: Each year, our bootfitters participate in trainings with the biggest brands such as Sidas and Strolz and Fischer… They are also trained on the ski slopes while they are invited to world cups to rub shoulders with the champions of ski. Prosneige bootfitters work closely with ski instructors and their clients, whatever their level, whether beginner skier, expert or even competitor.
  • Complete equipment: At Prosneige, we regularly invest in the latest bootfitting technologies and innovations. Our different devices will allow you to analyze your foot in 3D in order to have all the precise information. Our bootfitters also have equipment to create and customize your ski boots down to the millimetre.
  • Guaranteed after-sales service: In addition, if you bought your shoes in our specialized Prosneige store, feel free to come back to see the team once you have a few slopes under foot if any adjustments are needed. Therefore, our bootfitters will be happy to adjust your ski boots correctly according to your wishes.

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