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Snowkiting Val d’Isere Tignes. Passionated about freedom, after kite-surfing, let yourself be tempted by snow-kiting!

Snowkiting lessons in Val d’Isère and Tignes

Lovers of sensations and mountains, you will be able to go up, jump, slide, fly, in total autonomy and safety…

You already know kitesurfing. Technological progress has revolutionised the design of the equipment, making its practice, until now reserved for the initiated, accessible to a larger number of people, with maximum safety. More than ever, the world of surfing is outdoing itself.

This field, in constant evolution, has made possible the emergence of a new sport which will undoubtedly make many followers:  Snowkiting!

What is snowkiting?

Snowkiting is based on the same principle as kitesurfing except that you glide on the snow.

Snowkiting combines two disciplines: snowboarding or skiing and kitesurfing. With the help of a traction wing and the wind, the snowboarder or skier will be pulled along defying the mountain and its slopes. Climbing, descending and even jumping over snowy passes, like a funny bird, he will have the immense pleasure of covering long distances in total autonomy.

For whom?

This is for people who are physically fit, motivated and who love freedom and autonomy. People who like to play with the terrain and the wind. People who like to slide, fly, jump or move around the mountain with the help of their wing.  

Snowkiting requires learning with professionals and a certain perseverance to glide quietly and experience a unique pleasure in complete safety.

Do you have to be a good skier or snowboarder to practice snowkiting? 

It is obviously easier to practice snowkiting when you already have a good level of skiing or snowboarding and are comfortable in all types of snow. 

It is therefore necessary to master one of the two supports (ski or snowboard) before trying snowkiting because learning to master the kite so that it becomes instinctive is already enough. 

Otherwise, we will start by teaching you to ski.

Do you have to be a good kiter to do snowkite? 

It’s obviously easier if you have a good feel for the wind and already master the handling of the kite, otherwise we will be at your side to teach you.

How to practice snowkiting in Val d’Isere and Tignes?

We offer several ways to go snowkiting: 

  • GROUP LESSONS: You take part in a group snowkiting course with a maximum of 4 students.
  • PRIVATE LESSONS: You can learn snowkiting in a private course, we offer a formula for up to 3 people and we adjust the time of the session to the number of participants. You are in a private lesson and therefore have more time to train safely.
  • SUPERVISED NAVIGATION: Then, as soon as you are autonomous and riding safely, we propose you to practice snowkiting in supervised navigation. The instructor is there to accompany you and solve any problem.
  • HIKING: Even more interesting for the initiated… you can go for a day trip with an instructor. As soon as there is a bit of wind, we bring out the traction wings to go even further and faster to the top of the mountain.

This is how your first snowkiting session will be…

Discovering the equipment, the practice area, the flight window and the different weather conditions. Then, we teach you to control your wings, to take off, relaunch and land on your own, to prepare and store your equipment safely. 

We make you aware of safety and teach you the rules to follow and the techniques to master.

Depending on your level, you will be able to make your first glide quickly because unlike kiting in the water, we start standing on hard ground and the edge grip is the same as when you ski without a kite.

We will choose the route of our trip according to the wind direction. It is possible to start with the wind at your back and to come back to the same point by gravity while sliding with the chosen gliding support.

How to practice snowkiting?

With the right equipment of course. 

Snowkiting is easier than kite surfing because you start on hard ground and not in the water.

To move forward, you use the wind rather than a chairlift or a descent… snowkiting is therefore an ecological sport.

You have a sail whose size varies from 2 m² to 14 m² depending on your level and your weight. You position yourself with your back to the wind to inflate it and send it over your head, then steer it into the air using a bar connected to your harness. In snowkiting, as soon as you raise the sail and until it lands on the ground, you glide on the virgin snow, playing with the relief without any interruption… 

It is possible to glide with a snowboard but for reasons of comfort, balance and stability, especially at a standstill and in light wind conditions, skiing remains much easier and more fun to start the activity, 

The Snow-Kite school in Tignes/Val d’Isère provides you with the gliding support, the harness, the traction wings, the helmet, the radios and the DVA system (Avalanche Victim Detector). 

The practice area is located off-piste and we must have the appropriate equipment. 

This sport requires the wearing of a helmet. For the more experienced, Arva, shovel and probe are the indispensable trilogy of off-piste snowkiting. 

Where to practice snowkiting?

With a little wind and a lot of space… the mountains become the ideal playground for snowkiting! But beware, certain conditions must be met. 

The snowkiting area must be snowy and must be a large windy area but not too windy. The choice of the area will obviously depend on the level of the rider. 

The plateaus remain the ideal terrain to start snowkiting, as they are flat and regularly exposed to the wind, allowing you to learn this sport in complete safety. 

You will criss-cross the mountains to discover new terrain: passes, plains and even lakes. Your playground will become unlimited or almost. 

The Tignes / Val d’Isère area offers an unrivalled area for the greatest happiness of snowkaters. 

It is characterised by its great variety of spots and off-piste with regular air currents.

You will go snowkiting with us in the Tignes area, in particular on the Glacier de la Grande Motte, or in Val d’Isère on the Charvet off-piste area, a snowkiting spot well known in the snowkiting community, or depending on the conditions, on the Col du Petit Saint Bernard at La Rosière. A shuttle bus will be available from Tignes/Val D’Isère and will return in the evening. 

A snow kite package exists to get to the spot. The location will be chosen on the day depending on the weather conditions. 

Thanks to snowkiting, you will have access to a multitude of disciplines:

  • The ride-up: You go up the mountain without using the lifts.
  • Ride-down: You go down the mountain with or without a wing.
  • Freestyle: You send figures like in kite surfing but on flat ground
  • Flying: Experienced riders fly down the mountain with their kite above them!
  • Hiking: You go for a day trip with your kite on your back and as soon as the wind allows it, you glide or fly to go where you want !

All you have to do is come and have fun. We will make you rediscover the mountains and the glide in total freedom. 

Completely autonomous, no need for lifts, your only risk is to become addicted to this immense sensation of freedom.

Freestylers or freeriders, we will accompany you to play with the diversity of the terrain and your speed… Far from the dangers of avalanches… Let yourself be tempted by the adventure… Come and slide and fly with us!

For any information, the Prosneige ski school in Tignes and Val d’Isère is at your disposal.

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