Private handiskiing lessons – Les Menuires

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Are you looking for a ski instructor for a private handiskiing lesson in Les Menuires? You have come to the right place! Our ski and snowboard school Prosneige is ready to give you the best experience possible concerning handiskiing especially! 

Prosneige is first and foremost a ski and snowboard school with over 25 years experience in learning to ski to people with a disability. We have been present in the Trois Vallées since the creation of the school. This ski area, (the largest in the world) is composed of 8 ski resorts : Les Menuires, Val Thorens, Saint Martin de Belleville, Orelle, Méribel, Brides Les Bains, La Tania and Courchevel. Prosneige is present in 4 of these 8 resorts: Les Menuires, Val Thorens, Méribel and Courchevel. 

Les Menuires is a family-oriented ski resort located in Savoie, in the Tarentaise Valley. It is ideal for beginners, but also for experienced skiers or those who want to experience new sensations of skiing. It has optimal snow conditions and varied terrain, allowing all types of skiers to enjoy themselves.

Prosneige Les Menuires is located in the center of the resort in the Croisette district. Our premises are very easily identifiable thanks to our large green signs. As you will see once you are there, we are lucky enough to have our premises on the snow front! At the ski school you will find the counter where our Prosneige teams will welcome you with pleasure. You will also find there ski and snowboard deposits where you can leave your equipment if you do not want to carry it from one day to the next. Our team of 25 ski and snowboard instructors in Les Menuires enjoy spending time at the school and take advantage of our sunny terrace before starting their lessons. They are therefore available for you if you have the slightest question : that is also what the Prosneige service is all about! Below our ski school is the Prosneige shop where you can get advice from our team of experts in rental, sales and bootfitting. You will also find all the equipment you need for your stay in the ski resort : warm clothing, accessories, equipment, sledges, etc. We guarantee quality equipment, up to date with the latest technical discoveries!

Our ski and snowboard school offers group lessons but also private lessons with a wide choice of disciplines : skiing, snowboarding, handiskiing, telemark, ski touring, etc. Our lessons can be given in many different languages, as we are fortunate to have a very competent team. Among these languages, we are fluent in French, English, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, German and many others. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask us if we have an instructor who speaks your language for your lessons. Our team is international, to reflect the variety of customers who come to Les Menuires and 17 languages are spoken at Prosneige Les Menuires! Here we will discuss especially private handiskiing lessons. 


A private handiskiing lesson is a lesson during which you book the instructor for yourself, for a member of your family or friends and which is especially adapted to the practice of skiing for people with a disability! You can choose the length of the lesson and the number of sessions you wish to take in a week, according to your schedule and your wishes. The instructor will then take care of the content of the lesson to help you achieve your goals. These goals can be very varied : having fun, reducing your apprehension of the slope, handling the spatulas, etc. Do not hesitate to talk to the instructor before the start of the lesson and during the lesson itself ! Similarly, you can indicate certain technical aspects that you would like to work on during the lesson. The instructor will always adapt to any of your wishes.

At Prosneige, we believe it is essential to offer everyone the same opportunity to practice winter sports and this is why we have invested in handi skiing equipment. Having this equipment at our disposal allows us to be able to teach skiing to both able-bodied and disabled people. Our 2 chairs can accommodate any type of disability, and our hulls are adapted to both adults and children, always with this inclusive approach in mind. We also provide you with spatulas to help you pilot your tandem ski if you have upper body mobility. It is particularly important to us to be able to offer these private handi skiing lessons.

Our instructors who have followed a handiskiing training are passionate about their sport and they pay particular attention to make this discipline accessible to the greatest number of people. They have years of experience in handiskiing behind them. They follow training and take lessons every year to be always more efficient in this discipline. They are obviously very comfortable driving our taxi and tandem skis, so there is no need to worry when they are supervising you. They will know how to accompany you in complete safety and make you live unforgettable moments of skiing in the magnificent resort of Les Menuires. 


Generally we recommend that the private course lasts a maximum of 2 to 3 hours because it gets cold quickly in the mountains. Even if you will be very warmly dressed and well protected inside your shell, after 2 to 3 hours without moving, the cold can become uncomfortable for you, and reduce the pleasure of skiing. On the other hand, it is possible to take lessons all week long in order to make the most of the sensations provided by a handiskiing session. You can also schedule your private lessons according to the weather forecast, so that you only enjoy the best weather during your stay !

The client in a handiski must be very well dressed in order to be protected against the effects of altitude (cold, but also wind, snow, fog): we recommend several warm underwear, tights, ski clothing, scarf, gloves, warm socks, and boots. The warmer you are kept, the more you will be able to enjoy your lesson and the hand skiing experience. 

You should also remember to come at least 30 minutes before the start of the private lesson so that your instructor can explain the course to you. This time will also be spent getting you settled into your taxi or tandem ski, so that you are as comfortable as possible. This comfort will affect the rest of your lesson, as the aim is for you to be in a cocoon so that you can fully enjoy the lesson that follows.

You also need to feel confident with your handiski instructor. This is why you may need certain qualities from your instructor : that he or she can accompany you in the practice of handiskiing in your native language in particular. Communication, especially in handiskiing, is essential so that the course goes as you wish. Do not hesitate to express any discomfort or doubt during the lesson, so that the instructor can adapt to you as best as possible. At Prosneige, mastering languages is an essential part of being able to join our team of instructors! A total of 17 languages are mastered by all our instructors. Each of them must, of course, be fluent in French and English, but also speak at least a third language. Our instructors are therefore able to accompany our students in learning to ski in French, English, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, etc. Do not forget to let us know your requirements, we are sure that we have instructors who speak your language, or a language with which you are comfortable!                                                                                  

The advantage of a private lesson is that you also choose the time slot in which you wish to take your lesson. Whether you prefer to take your lessons in the morning or in the afternoon, we will always have an instructor available at the time slot that is most convenient for you. This allows you to organize the rest of your holiday with peace of mind and to organize your time as well as possible. 

In short, handiskiing is commonly practiced at Prosneige and our instructors are experienced. They will be delighted to take you to discover the slopes of the resort of Les Menuires and to make you enjoy skiing during your private lessons together! 

If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to contact us to get all the details you think you need. We are aware that the practice of handiskiing is delicate, so we will be happy to remove your concerns. You can contact us by telephone on +33(0) 4 79 04 18 35, or by email However, if you would like to book a private lesson (or tuition) with Prosneige Les Menuires, you can do so directly on our website  Our teams can also make your reservation remotely if you wish, by contacting us at the same address and phone number as above.