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Snowboard group lessons in Tignes. Groups of maximum 8 people with specialised instructors. Mornings or afternoons, for children and adults.

Are you looking to progress while having fun, in the company of other snowboarders of your level ? Snowboard group lessons at Prosneige Tignes will allow you to reach your goals in complete safety and in a friendly atmosphere!

Our snowboard group lessons in Tignes are limited to only 8 people, so that the group remains human scaled and the instructor can give everyone the attention they need. Thanks to our passionate snowboard instructors, you will see your snowboarding level progress even faster than you thought! Who better than someone who loves the discipline deeply to help you?


However, it must be said that snowboarding remains a special discipline. It is often less obvious, at the beginning, than skiing, because the two legs are not independent from one another. Nevertheless, we are convinced that you will progress quickly and regularly within our Prosneige school. After learning the basic techniques, the progress is impressive: it is not uncommon for our students, even among the most beginners, to progress at the end of the week on red slopes. In spite of a relatively demanding technique, the sport remains a very pleasant one.

Before being able to make your first carver turns, your first 360° in a Snowpark, you need to learn the basic techniques, as in any other sport. Fortunately, with us, a little rigor and courage, it is absolutely possible to become fast an accomplished snowboarder. Also, if you already have the basics of balance thanks to skiing, your progress will be all the faster.

Once you have mastered backside and especially frontside turns, the hardest part is behind you. This explains the great popularity of our snowboard group lessons in Tignes with you ; in addition to learning quickly how to do your first turns, it is also fun and pleasant thanks to the group atmosphere that is created. 

In fact, each participant participates in creating a very pleasant and healthy group atmosphere, which is set up from the beginning of the week. This atmosphere is an important driving force in the learning of snowboarding. Authentic mountain and snowboard enthusiasts will be pleased to share this passion with you in the splendid landscape of Tignes ski resort.

If the origin of the discipline lies in the going down slopes in powder snow, snowboarding quickly evolved towards freestyle, then normalized like skiing. Today, the practice is therefore very diversified, and we put this forward in our group lessons : we are keen to multiply the exercises and styles, from carving to flat sessions and off-piste.

As you can see by reading these lines, snowboarding has a vocabulary all its own. Our instructors will teach it to you throughout the week if you do not already know it. This will allow you to familiarize yourself as quickly as possible with the attractive world of snowboarding.


Our lessons are reduced to a maximum of 8 people. If you choose morning lessons, they will start at 9 am and finish at 12 am, except on Sundays when the group will start at 10 am (to let everyone arrive on time without stress). If you have booked afternoon classes, they will start at 2 pm and finish at 5 pm. It is always recommended to come a little before the course starts.

It is normal that the progress of different students varies within the same group. If this variation becomes too much for you, it is always possible to change groups during the week. Our teams are used to making this kind of change. The group atmosphere and the stimulation between the different group members is one of the biggest advantages of group lessons. It is sure that unforgettable memories will be created throughout the week. The instructor will share secrets about the Tignes resort with each of the students. The small size of the groups allows the instructor to give each student personalized time and advice. This size also allows each student to feel part of the group.

We have chosen to reduce the number of participants in order to consider each student in his or her individuality, to be able to take into account our students’ level, physical condition and goals. Our instructors are assigned to the groups according to the language they speak. Do not hesitate to specify the language you want for your course. 

The Prosneige method means being convinced that learning can only be optimal with confidence and pleasure. If the learning is done in these conditions, then the progression will be fast, and you will spend unforgettable moments on your snowboard.


The resort of Tignes is well known in the snowboarding world, not only because of its history but also because of its varied terrain and excellent snow. It is also an excellent resort because it is suitable for all levels and all types of practice. Indeed, there are World Cup slopes as well as areas for beginners, off-piste itineraries as well as long marked runs. This way, your instructor will always be able to adapt the outings to your group, and you will be able to do a wide variety of outings throughout the week.


Our point of sale in Tignes is easy to find. You can find the map to find us on, our in the mail that summarize your booking.

Group lessons will start in front of this shop. This is also where you will find our instructions for the equipment you have rented from us. After the start of the lessons, the first lessons will be devoted to checking that everyone is registered in the right level, and to make adjustments if necessary. This time is not wasted, as it will allow a much more pleasant progression for the following days and to build a real relationship of trust between the instructor and his group.

The elements seen in priority will allow you to progress in safety, for you as for the others, on the slopes : the priorities on skis, the control of your speed, taking of the ski lifts. Once you have mastered this, you will be able to ski independently on the slopes, even outside of lessons. Furthermore, the instructor will give you exercises and ideas for slopes to do to improve your autonomy after the group lessons. Do not hesitate to ask your instructor for more details at the end of the lesson, and to debrief with him/her and the other participants. Soon, your apprehension will give way to the pleasure of riding in a setting as beautiful as that of the resort of Tignes.


Once you have made your reservation, you will have the choice of taking the “equipment + lessons” pack, which allows you to get a discount on equipment rental in Prosneige stores. Generally, Prosneige also offers a pack for beginners and level 1 with a ski pass. We have only recently set up in the resort of Tignes, so if you would like more information about this pack for Tignes, don’t hesitate to contact us by email ( or by phone (+33(0) Concerning our rental services, our equipment is regularly renewed and therefore allows us to offer you good quality and maintained equipment, whatever your level.


Group lessons require a particular dynamic which allows each participant to progress with a group of people of a relatively similar level. Therefore, it is important that a group is homogeneous, as much in its level as in its objectives. We remind you that it is always possible to change the group in case of problems, throughout the week, so that your stay in Tignes goes as smoothly as possible. In order to better understand our level systems, which differ from other ski schools, we have put on our website some explanatory videos, which you will find on our YouTube channel “Ecole de ski & shop Prosneige” : 

If you still have any doubts, our teams will be happy to answer your questions by e-mail or telephone. They will be able to guide you until the finalization of your reservation.

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There are several ways to book your group snowboard lesson in Tignes: directly on our website, via, or remotely by calling us (+ or by email with the address For any further information, you can contact us at these same addresses, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


A confirmation email will be sent to you in order to summarize your reservation with us. All the details will be given to you so that your arrival will go as smoothly as possible : schedules, meeting point, levels as well as all the equipment you will have rented from us. All this information will be attached to the email. Our teams remain available in case of problems.

For your first day, do not forget to arrive a little earlier so that the instructor can introduce himself or herself and present the course of the week in his company. Take your ski pass with you if you are at an intermediate or advanced level and ask your instructor before the lessons whether it is necessary when you are a beginner or level 1.

We hope that we have answered your questions as well as possible and that we have been able to guide you as to which course to choose at Prosneige. 

Looking forward to seeing you snowboarding on the slopes of Tignes, the entire Prosneige team.