How to choose your ski socks?

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Choosing your ski socks is a necessary step. The ski sock is a very important underlay for the skier’s comfort. 

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When you choose your ski socks, it must meet a number of different requirements:

  • Insulation and thermal regulation to keep your feet at the ideal temperature.
  • Ventilation and moisture removal
  • Avoid rubbing and therefore blisters
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Special softness and elasticity to keep the socks in place thanks to the elastane band

Referencing size of socks

Below you will find the corresponding sizing chart to help you choose your ski socks:




1-2 1-3


35-38 2,5-5 3,5-6



5,5-7 6,5-8 M
42-44 7,5-9,5 8,5-10,5 L
45-47 10-11,5 11-12,5


The different materials to know:

  • Noble materials: merino wool, silk, cashmere, the only materials that guarantee warmth in the ski sock.
  • Petroleum-based materials: nylon, synthetics, polyester… the only materials that are breathable, quick drying and robust.
  • Cotton: a material that should not be used in our mountain sports because it retains perspiration, does not evacuate it and takes a long time to dry.

There are different types of ski socks: 

  • Ultra-thin ski socks: for skiers looking for performance, the fineness of the yarn and the mesh as well as the semi-synthetic materials provide comfortable thermal regulation in all situations.
  • Merino wool ski socks: highly sought after wool because it is very qualitative, warm and much softer than a classic wool.
  • Synthetic socks: robust and precise in order to increase ventilation and keep feet dry.
  • Heated socks: heat supply thanks to the battery.

You are now ready to choose your ski socks.