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Freestyle ski rental

Freestyle ski rental. Often confused with freestyle skiing. Freestyle skiing is a new discipline that appeared in the end of the 1990s. As a result of several other disciplines such as mogul skiing, half-pipe or freestyle jumping. The skier who practices freestyle skiing is called a “freestyler“. Or more generally “rider“.

Teenagers, in particular, are looking for alternatives to groomed trails all day long. Which is why freestyle skiing in snow parks has become increasingly popular with the younger generation. Kickers, pipes, obstacles and tricks in general require a different style of skiing. Called freestyle ski. 

Freestyle skis need to be strong and sturdy because they need to be able to handle a lot, but they also need to be able to turn easily and quickly from side to side and upside down. In addition, the bindings are mounted further forward than normal, and some skis are completely bidirectional. 

Skiers can ski forward or backward (we call it switch skiing) Freestyle skis are designed as double tip skis and offer as much individualism as possible on the slopes and in the park. Freestyle skiing can be recognized by its rocker which makes up almost half of the ski, distributed at the front and rear. This type of ski will need a combination of 50% camber, 50% rocker and a wide waist. This category of skis is for skiers who are comfortable on snow as well as in the air. 

There are 3 categories of freestyle skis: 

The purists: Technical and demanding skis. Mainly used in pipes and parks, therefore not very versatile.

Insiders: Very versatile skis. They can be used on the piste without any worries.

Back country freestyle: Its playground is the mountains. So it will be wide skis, stable in the air, you should not count on good performance in downhill skiing though. Back country is a mix of freeride and freestyle where natural terrain (often rocky bars) is used to send tricks. If you feel like it…

To conclude, the choice of ski will focus on:

  • Your personal preferences: Whether you are looking for maneuverability = short ski or stability = longer ski
  • The level: beginner short ski / expert longer ski.
  • Your skiing practice: downhill skiing = narrow skiing / off-piste skiing = wide skiing.

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We hope this helps you navigate the jungle of skis available on the market. The most important thing is to ask yourself the right questions about your practice, your level and your desires and the most difficult will be done!