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All-Mountain Skis

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How to choose your all-mountain skis. As it’s name indicates the all-mountain ski is a versatile, multipurpose ski. It is the 4×4 of skis, allowing you to cut across any kind of terrain. Slicing through fluffy powder snow, carving on groomed slopes or a quick run through the park, this ski can handle it all.

As the goal is to be able to go off-piste with these skis they will be wider under the binding than a piste ski. The wider the ski, the better it will “float” in powder snow. And the wider the ski gets, the more demanding it will be when it comes to your technical skills.

When it comes to profile and form the all-mountain ski is also quite specific. It generally has a traditional camber profile with rocker in the tips. This basically means the tips are slightly curled upwards so it’s easier to navigate in deep powdery snow.

Bearing in mind all of this we can say there’s 3 kinds of all-mountain skis:

  • 70% piste and 30% off-piste
  • 50% piste and 50% off-piste
  • 30% piste and 70% off-piste

Which kind of all-mountain ski do I choose?

  • The 70% piste and 30% off-piste ski will come closest to a normal piste ski, it’s only difference being you can take it for a couple of off-piste turns in between slopes. With a waist width between 80mm and 93mm it’s perfect for those bold enough to try their first off-piste lines!
  • The 50/50 ski is the most versatile ski out there. It’s waist width between 87mm and 100mm you can take it off-piste without a second thought. But also on groomed slopes you can link those big turns without a problem, before heading out and flying through even the choppiest snow.
  • The 30% piste and 70% off-piste ski takes you further away from groomed slopes. You will have to earn your off-piste turns with it’s waist width over 100mm, asking for a little more technical skill

So to sum up, a good choice of all-mountain ski will allow you to enjoy all kinds of terrain safely.

Furthermore a 70% piste and 30% off-piste ski is the perfect choice for those taking their first steps (or turns) off-piste, whereas the 50/50 ski is ideal for those already at ease in the powder.

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