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Les Menuires Instructor Team

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Meet our Prosneige Les Menuires Instructor Team!  The heart of our Prosneige Les Menuires Ski & Snowboard School.  Ski, Snowboard, Ski Touring, Telemark, Group or Private Lessons, Adults & Children – We are looking forward to seeing you on the slopes!

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Our Prosneige Les Menuires Instructor Team: 

If you’re seeking a qualified Instructor with experience, knowledge, patience & enthusiasm – Whether on slope or off-piste – join our Prosneige Les Menuires Instructors for an unforgettable experience.

No matter whether you are starting your snow adventure, perfecting your technique or ready to discover the vast off-piste of the 3 Valleys. Above all, our instructors will be at your side to ensure your safety & progress.

As an Instructor Team representing a range of ages, nationalities and languages. We have the right Instructor for you!

Prosneige Instructor Team Qualifications:

To be a qualified Instructor in France (just like all other Ski & Snowboard Schools – those ones in Red uniforms included!),  our Prosneige Instructor Team have completed their basic ENSA (Ecole Nationale de Ski et D’alpinisme) course. In addition our Prosneige Instructor Team continue with additional professional development courses in Group Management & Languages.

For our Off-Pise & Freeride Instructors; they have also undertaken sessions with professional organisations – ANENA (Association Nationale de L’étude de la Neige et des Avalanches), being the most well-known & respected.

As part of the Prosneige Instructor Team, they also exchange experiences, training ideas, tips and tricks, not only with the Les Menuires Group, but also our larger Prosneige Instructor Family.

Join the Prosneige Instructor Team

If you are already a qualified Instructor or fancy joining our Prosneige Instructor Training Program. Contact us for more information on joining the Prosneige Team.

Meet the Prosneige Les Menuires Instructor Team

If you have previously had a lesson with one of our super Team – you can request your favourite Prosneige Les Menuires Instructor for Private Lessons.

ski instructor prosneige les menuires stephane bouzanne


Ski, Off-Piste & Telemark


Nicolas JORCIN

Ski, Snowboard, Off-Piste, Coach: Instructor Training Program


Ski instructor Prosneige Les Menuires Jerome Trinque


Ski, Off-Piste


Ski instructor Prosneige Les Menuires Lionel Girard


Ski, Off-Piste


Snowboard instructor Prosneige Les Menuires Barbara Strano

Barbara STRANO



Ski instructor Prosneige Les Menuires Gualtiero De Marchi

Gualtiero (Teo) DE MARCHI



sam jones director les menuires

Samuel JONES

Ski, Snowboard, Off-Piste, Ski Touring ; Operational Director (The Boss)


Ski instructor Prosneige Les Menuires Andrea Conti

Andrea CONTI

Ski, Off-Piste


Ski instructor Prosneige Les Menuires Patrice Arnoux

Patrice ARNOUX



Ski instructor Prosneige Les Menuires Alessandro Miglia

Alessandro MIGLIA

Ski, Off-Piste


Snowboard Instructor Prosneige Les Menuires Nicolas Cheruy

Nicolas CHERUY

Snowboard, Off-Piste


Ski instructor Prosneige Les Menuires Hugo Papa


Ski, Snowboard, Off-Piste, Freestyle


Ski instructor Prosneige Les Menuires Vincent Suchel

Vincent SUCHEL

Ski, Snowboard, Off-Piste


Alan Philippe Instructor Prosneige Les Menuires


Ski, Off-Piste, Ski Touring


Jules Glais Prosneige Les Menuries Instructor Team


Ski, Snowboard


Alexis Borie Instructor Prosneige Les Menuires

Alexis BORIE

Ski, Snowboard, Off-Piste


Hugues-Regouby-Prosneige Les Menuries


Ski, Snowboard


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