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All mountain ski rental

All mountain ski rental. As the name suggests. An all-mountain ski(means everything the mountain has to offer). That is, whether it’s the freshly groomed slope in the morning or the sulz in the afternoon. The steep and icy slope or a diversion into deep snow, the all-mountain ski can handle it all.

Therefore, all mountain skiing is particularly suited to skiers who do not want to commit to one particular type of terrain. Or style of skiing and who want to be equipped for all conditions with one pair of skis.

A versatile ski

Of all the ski types, the all mountain ski is the most versatile. It is a range of skis dedicated to the thrill-seeker on the piste, who has mastered the technique and is looking for a ski that is both high performance and versatile and comfortable. On these skis, one is looking for maximum control and acceleration in order to find a very sporty feeling on the piste. 

Because of its wider width than the race carver and its more pronounced rocker, the all mountain ski has more lift in deep snow and sulz, but can be carved much better and more safely on the hard slope than the freeride ski. The rocker is a natural evolution of the tip, the ski can have a tip rocker, the front of the ski that is raised and / or a tail rocker, the back of the ski is raised. This technology will make it easier for the ski to get up into the powder.

An all mountain ski for all types of snow

In order to adapt successfully to all types of snow, all-mountain skis are a little wider than classic skis. With a runner width of between 80mm and 100mm. And are equipped with tip rockers. As the all-mountain ski is comparatively easy to turn thanks to its pronounced rocker and the lift in deep snow depends mainly on the size of the surface on which the weight is distributed. It is neither necessary nor wise to ski it too short. It is best to choose a length that is roughly your height. Up to ten centimetres shorter is reasonable.

If the skate is between 80 and 93mm. This is close to piste skiing. The idea is to have 60 to 70% piste skiing and 30 to 40% off piste.

If you want to do 50% on-piste and 50% off-piste. The skate will be between 93 and 100mm. 

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In short, these are generally good skis that preserve the potential of a good piste. But can, with rockers among others, deliver some effect in any snow condition. This is an ideal ski for a skier who just wants any pair of skis and doesn’t want to waste time choosing.

However, more technical and physical skiers looking for a versatile pair will prefer the top end, i.e. freeride.