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Snowboard group lessons for children in Méribel are adapted for children from 8 years old whatever their level. With our adapted pedagogy, the discovery of snowboarding will be a pleasure.


Two solutions, group lessons for children or private lessons for children in Méribel. At Prosneige, we pamper children. That’s why we offer group snowboarding lessons in Méribel in very small groups that meet the children’s desires as best as possible. Only one objective: to see them smiling on the slopes! Julie Pomagalski, Snowboard World Champion, has developed a specific pedagogy for children in snowboarding. Snowboard teaching to children in Meribel is certified by Julie and the snowboard instructors work together to give the best experience to children in snowboarding. Our children’s group snowboarding lessons in Meribel are limited to a maximum of 6 children. Small groups! The instructors, all state certified and continuously trained in snowboarding, can better take care of each child. The snowboard instructors develop a better relationship with the children, the atmosphere in the group is more friendly, the advice is more adapted to each child. There is a better emulation, nobody is left out. The quality of the snowboard lessons is significantly improved and the children are safer. 


We take children in snowboarding lessons in Meribel from 5 years old, from beginners to advanced. The Meribel Valley has very beautiful slopes and structures adapted to snowboard teaching. For beginners, the beginner area is magical and children learn very quickly to control their speed, turn left and right, skid… Then like all children who snowboard, they can quickly access the snowparks and learn how to do freestyle and freeride.

All our Snowboard lessons start at 9am in the morning in order to leave before the other Snowboard schools and thus avoid the morning “traffic jams”. It is therefore essential that children are on time for their Snowboard lesson in the morning. We can completely help you with the organisation, and advise you to make this step easier with the equipment. Please do not hesitate to ask us for advice. Snowboard lessons end at noon. The children therefore snowboard at 3 o’clock in the morning. The snowboard instructor will take time to give you a feedback on their morning. In the afternoon, Snowboard lessons start at 2pm and finish at 5pm. It is important that the children have had a real meal break with a good lunch and that they wear dry and warm clothes in order to enjoy their whole afternoon.

Children take a break in the morning. Snowboarding, the mountains, the snow, the excitement, the physical effort, requires a lot of energy from them. It is important to recharge the batteries to be able to enjoy the 3 hours of Snowboarding lessons. So slip a little snack in their pocket. We’ll take care of giving them a drink. If it’s cold or bad weather, the resort has created some very nice bagless rooms. We stop in these rooms for our break. There are also toilets. If the weather is good, we take advantage of the areas created by the ski lifts outside. Areas which are protected from the snowboarders’ flows and which are often animated for the pleasure of the youngest.

At the beginning of the children’s group lessons in Méribel, for their safety, we put a bib on the back of each child. Several advantages, they are very quickly identifiable by the snowboard instructor, are much more visible on the ski area, and if they get lost, the ski lift agents warn us right away and we can quickly get them back. We leave the bib with the child for the whole week, try to think about taking it in the morning. Again, it’s important for their safety. You will give it back to us at the end of his week of group lessons.

snowboard group lessons children


The aim is to make the children enjoy themselves and obviously to help them progress technically and evolve in complete safety on the ski area. We apply a pedagogy during our Snowboard lessons that we continuously make evolve according to the developments of the equipment, the Snowboard slopes and the ski lifts. There are real technical work times every day which are always fun. The technical input is done in small touches every day, a lot by mimicry and also by showing the children that they need to apply these tips if they want to be able to have even more fun. Our levels have the equivalences with all the other snowboard schools in Meribel. If you don’t know in which level to register your children for Snowboard lessons, ask us, we will help you. At the end of the week, we organise a medal ceremony in show mode with a surprise guest that the children love. This takes place every Friday evening in front of the shop after the lessons at 5.15pm. It’s a time to celebrate, to value the children and to meet the instructors. It is often a beautiful souvenir photo. We don’t organise tests on the last day of the children’s group snowboarding lessons, we prefer to snowboard the children rather than make them wait. Our snowboard instructors spend the week with them, they know if they have the technical level to go above or not. We don’t want to stress the children, they are on holiday and should enjoy it. The medal should not be an end in itself but rather a souvenir gift. You will get a passport with the pedagogical elements that the child knows how to achieve. We can also advise you which slopes you can take together after the snowboarding lessons in the Méribel area. It is important not to put your child in difficulty by taking slopes that are too difficult for him or her and to make him or her lose the confidence that he or she will have acquired with his or her Snowboard instructor during his or her Snowboard lessons in Méribel.

At the Prosneige snowboard school in Méribel, we listen to the children, and we always reserve the possibility to change their group during their snowboard lesson according to their progress during the week. We don’t want to prevent a child from having fun by slowing them down, just as we don’t want to push a child out of their comfort zone. He loses self-confidence, backs off and acquires technical faults that will be difficult to rectify. This may hinder the child’s progress. 


We babysit your children between 12h and 14h, take them to lunch and then play. We have lunch at Le Marius, restaurant of the 4* hotel Le Tremplin next to our meeting point. The chef works only with fresh products and different menus every day. A dish, a dessert and a drink and of course the possibility to change if the child doesn’t like the menu of the day. After the meal, the children play outside or inside depending on the weather.


The meeting point for snowboard lessons, group and private lessons is at La Chaudanne, on the snow front of Méribel, opposite the Piou Pious kindergarten. You can come on foot or by sliding. You will recognize us easily: big green flames with the level of the Snowboard lessons, Snowboard instructors in green and navy blue.


For all children group lessons in Méribel, the ski pass is essential whatever the level of your child. We take the ski lifts of the Méribel ski area right away. Your child under 5 years old, great, it’s free. Go to the ski lift ticket office with a proof of age, and take him a Vallée de Méribel ski pass. He is under 13 years old and is registered in a lower level than the 2nd Snowboard, then you can benefit from our preferential rate on the Vallée de Méribel 5 or 6 days ski pass. Almost 30% discount. Ask us. We will prepare it for you and bring it to the start of the lessons on the first day. He is 13 years old and over, choose a Vallée de Méribel ski pass. He will be able to benefit from all the infrastructures of the Vallée de Méribel whatever his level. It would be a pity to deprive him of it. For all the children whose level is superior or equal to the 3rd Snowboard, we advise to take the 3 Valleys ski pass, the biggest ski area in the world. It is important that all the children have the same ski pass so as not to penalize them. We may ask you to take an extension once a week to take advantage of the 3 Valleys ski area. Our instructors will ask you the day before. There is no obligation of course.

We’re here to listen to you every day. Whether it is at the departure or arrival of the snowboard lessons, by phone, email or at the shop directly, do not hesitate to tell us about your fears, anxieties, dissatisfactions. The sooner we know it, the sooner we can adapt, modify, discuss between us to improve your experience and that of the children during their collective snowboarding lessons in Méribel.