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How to choose your ski helmet

We wear a helmet when we go off-piste skiing because we consider it to be dangerous. But with slopes groomed almost to perfection we tend to fly down faster than we would in the fresh powder, making it almost more dangerous than any off-piste adventure. Time to invest in your safety! What size helmet doRead More »How to choose your ski helmet

How to choose your ski socks

Can't put your ski or snowboard boots on with just any pair of socks...Everything you need to know about choosing the right pair of ski socks! What makes a ski sock different from any other sock? First of all ski socks are the layer between your feet and a very thick ski or snowboard boot.Read More »How to choose your ski socks

How to choose your ski goggles

I don't need any goggles, I'll just go skiing with my sunglasses...Think again! Goggles are an important part of your kit as they protect your eyes from the icy wind and cold as well as the sun. But how to choose your ski goggles with so many different brands and types to choose from? BuyRead More »How to choose your ski goggles

Choosing the right ski length

Choosing the right length for your skis is very important. You can get a ski that's perfectly adapted to your level, terrain and discipline...But if the length is not adapted it just won't feel right. The rule of thumb for choosing the right ski length is as follows: the more advanced you are, the longerRead More »Choosing the right ski length

How to choose your touring skis?

The days where we had to compromise choosing touring skis are long gone! Having to choose between weight and manoeuvrability, light equipment or a silky smooth descent...Today's touring skis are designed and engineered to be both lightweight as well as stable. The best of both worlds! Buy Touring Skis Of course there will always beRead More »How to choose your touring skis?