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Private freestyle lessons in Tignes. The ideal programme to help you discover the sensations of freestyle with confidence!

Do you want to take your skiing to the next level by learning freestyle? Or are you already experienced and just want to continue to improve? You have come to the right place by choosing private lessons freestyle at Prosneige Tignes !


The ski resort of Tignes is the perfect place to start and improve your freestyle practice. It offers a wide choice of terrain profiles, snow conditions and difficulty for every skier or snowboarder to be satisfied. That is why Prosneige Tignes has decided to develop lessons especially dedicated to freestyle, so that you can take advantage of all the resort’s assets. 

During our private freestyle lessons, the goal is to help you progress with confidence in this discipline, but also to help you go beyond your limits and your blocks. This will allow you to discover new sensations in the freestyle discipline. Nevertheless, the goal is absolutely not to neglect your safety; our instructors will not compromise on this point when preparing your lesson together. They will adapt your training to your physical condition, the technical equipment you have and the protections you will wear.

Our specialized instructors will help you learn freestyle from a different perspective, all in the beautiful resort that is Tignes. They will adapt to your goals, so you can progress the way you want to. Our goal is to create a relationship of trust between you and your instructors, so that they can guide you in your practice in accordance with your expectations. Do not hesitate to share your expectations and desires with them, so that he can adapt the sessions and methodology. Of course, they will also listen to your fears and apprehensions, because the objective is not to rush you or scare you. 

Take advantage of the lesson:

For the lessons to go as smoothly as possible, it seems important to us that there is a good communication between the instructor and the student, especially in freestyle where the explanations must be quite precise. This is why it is important, to join our Prosneige teams, to speak at least 3 languages, French, English and a third of their choice. Thanks to this requirement, we have the chance to offer you lessons in 17 languages! Do not hesitate to ask us for your native language or a language in which you are comfortable. Among those mastered at Prosneige, we are sure we can meet your expectations !

In addition to having fun and making progress, taking a private freestyle lesson will give you many other advantages. Among which a fast pass in the tails of the ski lifts of the resort. This will allow you not to have to queue at the ski lifts, even if they are very efficient in the resort of Tignes. Also, your instructor will be able to guide you through the resort so that you avoid the busiest slopes. You will also discover brand new itineraries and spot to ride on when you are on your own. This can offer a different perspective of the ski resort!  There is also the advantage of being accompanied by real freestyle enthusiasts and professionals and, more broadly, winter sports enthusiasts. In addition to benefiting from their technical expertise, you will also be able to learn about many other subjects, such as life at altitude for example. You may, once again, discover the resort of Tignes in a new light in the company of our Prosneige instructors!

Whatever your level:

Whether it is for a simple freestyle initiation in a few hours or for longer and more technical lessons, your desires will be respected at Prosneige. Our instructors will know how to create varied and personalized exercises, making sure to adapt their methodology to you. They can teach you freestyle you alone, as well as you and your family or friends, even if you all have very different levels! Do not hesitate to talk to your freestyle instructors about your objectives if you have specific ones. The more they know, the better they can help you achieve them. Nevertheless, they will choose exercises for your interest, according to your level, the protections you have and your physical shape. 

In the same way, our formula of private lessons is particularly adaptable and flexible according to your schedule. You can take the number of classes you want during the week, for the duration of your choice. It is possible to take only one lesson during the week or to take lessons every day at the same time. It is even possible to take a lesson for the next day, if there are instructors available for you!


We believe it is important to put your safety first, especially when it comes to freestyle. As such, we strongly recommend that you wear a ski helmet adapted to your head. It can also be accompanied by other protections that can be useful, such as back protection for example. This can influence the exercises you instructor will make you do. The type of ski or snowboard is also important; consider getting freestyle skis and snowboard. For skis, it can be interesting to get skis with double spatulas.

In any case, you will find in our stores teams of specialists ready to advise and assist you in the choice of your freestyle equipment. Also, our instructors are of course trained to guarantee your safety and will always put this point forward.


The strong sensations will be at the rendezvous, in the resort of Tignes. And they will not be sensations of fear or apprehension ! Once you are comfortable with your equipment and have learned the basics of freestyle, you will be able to serenely enjoy this discipline. 

Freestyle private lessons are made to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. As said before, you may want to start slowly learning basic tricks, or you may want to perfect techniques that you already master. All our teams are able to meet your desires, and the resort of Tignes will offer you the ideal playground to practice your discipline. If you are a beginner, you will first learn to familiarize yourself with your equipment (freestyle skis, protections…). Then you will be introduced to basic techniques and safety for you and other freestylers. 

Like many other major resorts, Tignes is located in the Tarentaise valley, more precisely in the Haute-Tarentaise. It is linked by ski lift to Val d’Isère, so it is possible to ask your instructor to go there. This can allow you to discover another playground, another way to practice freestyle and to push your practice further. It is always beneficial to vary the pleasures, so don’t hesitate to ask if it’s possible to do a session there!


The organization of the freestyle private lessons is the same as that of the private lessons on normal slopes, concerning the meeting places and the options offered. In the case of children having lessons in freestyle, a medal will also be given to them at the end of the week to reward their efforts and validate their level ! Go to our website for more info about medals !

With our private lessons, the instructors will meet you wherever you want to start your course. This can be in front of your residence or hotel, or at a specific point in the resort, such as the snowpark for example. This saves you time and allows you to start your lesson as soon as possible, so that you can make the most of your time with your instructor. 

You can also take advantage of several options that you will find by booking directly on our website: Among the most advantageous options, you can take advantage of our “lesson + equipment” pack which allows you to benefit from a great discount by renting your equipment from us. Indeed, Prosneige Tignes is a ski school but it is also a sales and equipment rental outlet in the resort. Our equipment is maintained, and we guarantee you equipment that is up to date with the latest technical advances.


If you wish to book now, you can do so directly on our website: If you have any doubts or questions, you can also contact us by phone at +33(0), and our receptionists will be happy to help you. We are also available by e-mail at the following address : Our teams remain at your disposal for more information, and can make your reservation remotely. Do not forget to specify that your reservation is for Tignes, as we have only recently opened in the resort.

Before the start of the private freestyle lessons in Tignes, we would like to give you a briefing to explain how the session will take place, as well as safety reminders if necessary. If you then have any questions or doubts, do not be afraid to ask for clarification or repeat the explanation, as your safety and that of other skiers is at stake.

We hope that we have answered your questions as well as possible and that we have been able to guide you as to which course to choose at Prosneige. 

We look forward to seeing you soon, on the off-piste runs of Tignes, the entire Prosneige team.

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