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Private freestyle lessons in Val d’Isère, the best option to guarantee safety and sensations. The fears of parents and the joy of teenagers!

You want to learn freestyle ? Or overcome a blockage ? Or simply push your practice even further ? You have come to the right place at Prosneige!

At Prosneige Val d’Isère, our private freestyle lessons – also called private lessons – will allow you to progress quickly and smoothly, thanks to a follow-up adapted to your needs, throughout the week. Indeed, you will be able to benefit from the experience of a private instructor, who is there for you, for as long as you want. This instructor will know how to personalize the method used according to your needs and rhythm of progression. We are sure that a private lesson is one of the best ways to learn or deepen your freestyle skills, and above all in complete safety.  

By choosing our private lessons for freestyle, you hire an instructor for the duration you want, and for the number of sessions in the week you want. You can thus take a lesson from 1 hour to the whole day. You can also do only one lesson in the week or book every day. This flexible formula allows you to organize your schedule as you wish.

These are therefore tailor-made lessons that we offer you with our private lessons in Val d’Isère. Furthermore, we consider it important that there is good communication between instructor and student, especially in freestyle. Therefore, we make it a point of honor to compose teams of instructors capable of speaking many languages. At Prosneige, we master up to 17 languages; do not hesitate to ask us for a specific language for your lessons, we are sure to find a language that suits you. This will make it easier for you to communicate your objectives to your instructors, whatever they may be. Our instructors will be better able to give you personalized advice. Private freestyle lessons in Val d’Isère are a perfect option to start freestyle, but also to perfect your technique or to work again on what you have learnt before, but with a more serene basis. They are adapted for children or adults, as our instructors will be able to modulate their teaching to each one. 


Prosneige has an interesting offer that will save you time and money : the formula called “lesson + equipment”. Indeed, we also have sales point, where we offer equipment rental too, in the resort. Thanks to this lesson and rental formula, you will have access to a free deposit on our premises, in addition to an interesting discount on equipment rental. You will be able to choose this formula when you make your reservation on our website:

If you put your equipment in our deposit, we will take care of your equipment; your skis will be sharpened and waxed by hand by our teams and prepared for the next day, your ski boots will be dried every evening. You can change your equipment throughout the week, if it does not fit, free of charge. 


Offering you freestyle lessons at Prosneige also means offering you the comfort of our flexibility. Indeed, our instructors will be able to pick you up and drop you off in front of your residence, or at any other point in the resort that you wish. Our instructors will take advantage of this opportunity to help you get equipped and to explain to you the course of the coming lesson. Do not hesitate to specify a meeting place that you would like to meet beforehand, and your instructor will meet you there if your level allows it.

However, it is also possible to meet you in front of our Prosneige stores, where your instructions will be. Moreover, we are ideally located in the resort of Val d’Isère, on the snow front and next to the ski pass sales office, in the Val Village. 

This location can be advantageous for both you and the instructor because it is where your deposit, and thus your equipment, is.  During busy periods, such as school holidays, you will find your instructor in our shop to help you organize your lessons during these more tense weeks.  


At Prosneige Val d’Isère, our freestyle instructors in private lessons are professionals who will put all their expertise at your disposal to help you progress quickly and make you love freestyle. All our teams are also trained in customer experience. The instructor will be in charge of creating varied exercises and personalized advices. He/she will make sure that freestyle and skiing remains enjoyable for the whole family or all the friends in the group, and to keep a rhythm that suits everyone. 


It is essential for us that our freestyle instructors always put your safety first in the preparation of your lesson. As freestyle experts and connoisseurs of the Val d’Isère resort, it is our mission to guarantee your safety while teaching you freestyle. Your progress, your pleasure and sometimes your challenges will always be in a secure environment.

Freestyle is a particular discipline of skiing. We therefore recommend that you equip yourself with adapted protections, in order to learn serenely freestyle : the helmet is very important to us, and can be accompanied by a back protection. In any case, the instructor will adapt to the protections you have as well as to your skis. It is highly possible that you will go to the Val d’Isère snow park in the first few days.


We often see the creation of a real bond of trust between the instructor and the student as the lessons progress, and this is a huge source of pride for us. If you have found an instructor who corresponds perfectly to your expectations, it is possible to ask for him or her from one year to the next. On the other hand, the instructors are delighted to see your progress over the seasons.

Among the possible exercises, it is possible to ask for video corrections. This can help you better understand the figures, the posture you have and possible mistakes. This is a particularly interesting exercise for freestyle. 

The instructor you choose will have been assigned to you according to his or her specialty, in order to satisfy your expectations regarding freestyle practice. Instructors will also have been chosen according to the language you wish to speak with them. In any case, they will be enthusiasts who will be delighted to share their passion for freestyle with you and to tell you anecdotes about the resort of Val D’Isère!

If the lesson is given to a child, he/she will receive a medal at the end of the week to reward his efforts and progress in freestyle. This also allows a better understanding of the level the child has managed to acquire over the course of the lessons. 

Our goal is to make you feel as confident as possible during our private lessons. Whether you want to start in freestyle or to overcome blockages, or to refine your techniques and go further, we want to guide you to reach your goals. Sometimes, some students entrust us with taking freestyle lessons to overcome a specific block or work on a particular trick. After only one or two lessons, they have overcome this problem and are able to enjoy freestyle again. Our goal is for you to have the most fun practicing board sports, so do not hesitate to let us know your doubts and goals! That is why our private lessons are so efficient : they allow a good communication between student and instructor!

To conclude, taking private freestyle lessons with us is to make sure that you will find or rediscover strong sensations on the snow, whatever your level!


If you are convinced, then do not hesitate any longer and finalize your booking of private freestyle lessons with us, on our website at : You will find on our website various options, including equipment rental for you and your friends and family, which you can take in a few clicks!

If you would like more information, or would like answers to some of your doubts, our staff will be happy to help you. You can reach us by phone at +, or by writing us an email at the following address: Our team of receptionists will also be able to help you complete your reservation or make it for you remotely. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon, on the slopes of Val d’Isère, the entire Prosneige team. 

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