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Private off-piste lessons, skiing or snowboarding, is a safe outing supervised by professionals, discovering a new playground.

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Are you looking for a ski instructor for an off-piste lesson in Les Menuires? You have come to the right place, our ski and snowboard school Prosneige is ready to give you the best possible experience, especially for off-piste skiing. 

Prosneige is a ski school that has been present in the Trois Vallées for over 25 years. This ski area (the largest in the world) is made up of 8 ski resorts : Les Menuires, Val Thorens, Saint Martin de Belleville, Orelle, Méribel, Brides Les Bains, La Tania and Courchevel. Prosneige is present in 4 of these 8 resorts: Les Menuires, Val Thorens, Méribel and Courchevel. 

Les Menuires is a family ski resort located at the heart of Savoie, in the Tarentaise Valley. It is ideal for beginners but also for experienced skiers or those who want to experiment new glides. It is therefore suitable for both skiing on marked slopes and off-piste skiing. 

Prosneige Les Menuires is located in the center of the resort in the Croisette district. Our premises are very easily identifiable thanks to our large light green signs. You will therefore find us ideally placed, directly on the snow front! Within the ski school, you will find the counter where we will welcome you with pleasure. It is also there that you will have access to ski lockers to deposit your equipment if you do not want to carry it every day. Our 25 ski instructors spend a lot of time at the school and enjoy our sunny terrace before starting their lessons for the day. They are therefore available for you if you have the slightest question because that’s what the Prosneige service is all about : it’s above all about being close to our clients! Below our ski school is the Prosneige shop where you can get advice from our team of experts in rental, sales and bootfitting. There you will find all the equipment you need to make the most out of your holiday in Les Menuires resort (clothing, accessories, equipment, sledges, and much more !).

Our ski school offers group lessons which are group lessons but also private lessons (also called private lessons). The Prosneige Les Menuires ski school is not limited to skiing and snowboarding but offers lessons in a wide variety of disciplines (skiing, snowboarding, handiskiing, telemark, ski touring, etc.). Our lessons can be given in French, English, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, German and many other languages. This, please do not hesitate to ask us if we have an instructor who speaks your language. Our team is international, and 17 languages are mastered by our instructors! Here we will discuss off-piste outings in private lessons. 


A private lesson is a lesson during which you privatize the instructor for yourself, your family, or your friends. Contrary to a group lesson, private lessons are tailored to your desires and your goals! You choose the duration of the lesson, the number of sessions over the week and the discipline : in this case off-piste. The instructor then takes care of planning the itinerary, safety, and equipment for this outing. You may want your instructor to have certain qualities : that he/she can communicate with you in your native language in particular, or at least a language you are comfortable using. At Prosneige, mastering languages is an essential criterion to be able to join our team of instructors! A total of 17 languages are spoken by all our instructors. Each of them must, of course, be fluent in French and English, but also at least a third language. Our instructors are therefore able to teach skiing in French, English, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, etc. Do not forget to ask us, we are sure we have instructors who speak your language! This is both simpler and particularly important off-piste, to make sure that you have understood the safety instructions given by our instructors. Communication is key during an off-piste lesson !

You can also demand certain qualities from your instructor that you feel are essential to the success of your off-piste outing. A specialized, gentle, dynamic instructor, an instructor of more or less the same age as you, do not hesitate to ask for a type of profile that can match your personality! Even if all our instructors know how to adapt their teaching methods to our students, certain profiles are more likely to match your personality.  You are here to discover off-piste but also to have fun so be demanding. A good understanding between you and your instructor will allow you to enjoy your lessons even more in his company. Indeed, you need to create a relationship of trust with your instructor, especially when going off-piste. You should know that if you have found the instructor of your dreams at Prosneige, you will be able to continue taking lessons with him from one year to the next. Our instructors are always delighted to see your progress and follow you year after year. 


Off-piste private lessons also offer the advantage of great flexibility. Are you an early riser and want to enjoy fresh and immaculate snow off-piste ? Then a morning lesson will be perfect for you ! You are not an early riser at all ? Then a private lesson in the afternoon will be ideal. You decide the schedule, so you can organize your winter holiday in Les Menuires as you wish. It is possible to take lessons every day, every two days, or a single lesson during the week. The private lesson formula is very flexible and adapts to your schedule and wishes. It is possible to schedule a new lesson the day before for the next day, when conditions are optimal for example (fresh snow, low avalanche risk). It is also essential to be flexible when booking an off-piste outing as depending on the conditions it may be moved. 

private off-piste lessons Prosneige ski school


At Prosneige, we take your safety to heart and our instructors will take you off-piste on the sole condition that all measures related to your safety are optimal. You will be equipped (you and the various people present with you) with a DVA (avalanche victim detector), a probe and a shovel. At the beginning of the lesson, our instructors will give you a briefing to give you all the safety instructions. It is important to know that a helmet is also compulsory for off-piste outings. 


It is possible to take advantage of a private off-piste lesson to enjoy the new area you are in. If you wish to explore the untouched off-piste itineraries of the Trois Vallées but do not know how to make the most of your day, then our instructors will be delighted to show you their playground! Of course they know all the secrets of their resort, Les Menuires, but also of the Trois Vallées. They will show you the best off-piste areas, the best views and all the hidden treasures of the ski area that only local inhabitants know! 


Having an instructor with you in private lessons also means that you can take advantage of the instructor queues at the ski lifts and thus avoid waiting too long. This way, you can optimize your skiing time during the day by quickly accessing the off-piste areas you want. Our instructors also know the areas to avoid during busy periods and will therefore always know how to take you to where the conditions will be the most pleasant, as the day goes on, so that you have the best possible day! Taking a private off-piste lesson with Prosneige is an opportunity to renew your desire for discovery and your thirst for learning! It is also a good way to overcome fears or regain self-confidence!

Finally, taking a private lesson means allowing yourself the comfort of being picked up and dropped off directly at your hotel if the level is compatible. No need to bother to find our meeting place in the resort, then to find your instructor in the crowd. The instructor will be waiting for you in the ski room of your residence and will also drop you off there at the end of your lesson. 

In short, a private off-piste lesson with Prosneige Les Menuires is the guarantee of an outing supervised by mountain professionals in complete safety to create breathtaking memories. Do not hesitate to call us, we will be delighted to find the instructor who can take you further in your off-piste skiing!

You can easily contact us by phone at +33(0) 4 79 04 18 35, or by writing us an email at the following address: It will be a pleasure to answer your questions and help you finalize your off-piste private lesson booking with Prosneige Les Menuires ! If you would like to book now, you can do so directly on our website: By telephone, our teams can also make your reservation remotely if you wish!