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Private off-piste lessons in Val d’Isère offer you a unique experience within the ski area. Specialised instructors and paramount safety.


The beautiful ski resort of Val d’Isère is particularly well known for its off-piste terrain. In fact, the faces where it is possible to go are varied both in difficulty and orientation, which allows quite different snow conditions. Thus, any skier will be able to find here a unique off-piste experience within the resort. We are convinced that the resort will perfectly meet up your expectations. 

It is in this magnificent setting that the Prosneige Val d’Isère school offers you an opportunity to learn about off-piste skiing, with private lessons specially dedicated to this discipline. With this private off-piste lesson, our aim is to offer you the keys to progress off-piste, to be able to ski in all types of snow, on different terrains, and, above all, to be confident enough to enjoy yourself off the marked slopes. Our instructors will supervise you so that the private lesson is being completely safe and that there is in a serene environment.


Moreover, the off-piste area of Val d’Isère is quite vast. Some of the off-piste path in this area are classics freeride path, which each of you will enjoy discovering and trying out. Some runs will be ideal for discovering off-piste skiing, for your first off-piste experiences with your instructor. It will be the opportunity to discover other feelings than normal skiing and more varied landscapes. Other runs will be reserved for experienced off-piste skiers and may become goals that you want to achieve. The satisfaction of achieving them will only be greater; our private off-piste instructors will help you to do so.

The resort of Val d’Isère has many other advantages than these magnificent off-piste path. Among these advantages, Val d’Isère has very efficient ski lifts that will transport you through this splendid setting. Furthermore, these lifts are surrounded by many peaks, high mountain peaks, which descend along the ski slopes and end in the forest or at the heart of the village. The instructor will be pleased to name them for you ! Similarly, the efficiency of the lifts is a significant advantage when it comes to making progress in skiing, especially off-piste. This makes it possible to do a series runs very easily and quickly. This efficiency will be coupled, within off-piste private lessons, with a perfect knowledge of the area from our off-piste instructors. They will be pleased to make you do runs on different slopes in a minimum of time, and thus help you to be as comfortable as possible on all types of off-piste terrain. Our private off-piste courses are organized and designed with this in mind, in order to give you a maximum of advice on as many different terrains as possible. However, if you have any special requests, our teams will always be attentive to your desires and goals.


A choice of off-piste itineraries, almost infinite as the range of off-piste terrain to discover is so wide, is thus available for you to discover. From going on easy runs with your family, to a longer trip with expert friends in ski and off-piste, you will surely find runs that will fulfill your expectations. Off-piste private lessons will allow you to discover new path while improving your technique and your confidence in off-piste snow. They can be both a way to start to do off-piste skiing, but also a way to overcome any technical blockages and make rapid progress on different off-piste types of terrain.

Within the resort of Val d’Isère, you will be able to discover this feeling of freedom, which is provided by off-piste skiing, when you are comfortable enough. A lot of runs are reachable only by gravity and/or ski lifts, without any needs to walk uphill. Nevertheless, if you wish, some off-piste runs require ski touring approaches, from 10 minutes to several hours of walking to reach the departure. The experience will be even more pleasant. The change of landscape is thus guaranteed. Furthermore, the difference in altitude offers many opportunities for off-piste skiers, with path starting at more than 3000 meters and returns to the village of Val d’Isère. Of course, these types of runs are recommended to the most advanced skiers, and off-piste private lessons are there to help you do so, if that is a goal.

The runs requiring walking approach, which are away from the ski lifts, are obviously the least frequented. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that some runs are not reserved for experts only, and that it is possible to start on easier terrain, in order to gain confidence and better your technique. The variety of terrains is also what makes the ski resort of Val d’Isère so special.

Our off-piste private lessons are available for both skiers and snowboarders that wish to improve their skills in this discipline. Whatever your profile, our passionate instructors will guide you with confidence through the best spots and secrets of the Val d’Isère resort. 

It is also possible to do, in our company, heli-skiing if you wish to.


At Prosneige Val d’Isère, our off-piste instructors will help you discover the most beautiful off-piste path in Val d’Isère. They are passionate and impatient to share with you all the secrets and pleasures that the resort has to offer. 

On a more technical note, our off-piste instructors are all trained by the ANENA (National Association for Snow and Avalanche Studies) at the beginning of each winter season. They are therefore all trained with specific avalanche exercises, but they also study the snow layers and weather conditions in high mountains. This allows our instructors to always be aware of latest research made and the latest advances in avalanche research. In this sense, this training allows them to supervise you in the safest way possible, which is an essential point when it comes to skiing off the marked slopes. You will therefore have nothing to fear in our company. In addition, all the instructors are equipped with avalanche equipment adapted to this type of ski runs (for instance, avalanche transceivers…).


Some off-piste are ideal for beginners. It is in this kind of off-piste that skiers who have just started off-piste skiing will begin. In private off-piste lessons, the emphasis will be, first of all, on technique, but also how to ski in group safely, and of course the use of safety equipment. Off-piste skiing requires more concentration and attention because of the dangers that could happen in the mountains, depending on the snow conditions. But do not worry, all of this will take place in the idyllic setting of the resort of Val d’Isère.

At Prosneige we believe that the safety of our clients must be taken seriously. This requires a basic knowledge of safety equipment. Off-piste, the ability to use your equipment correctly and to understand how it works increase safety for you as well as for others. That is why we can give you a full briefing on off-piste equipment, if you wish. This is also what we train our teams for. 

In addition, the price of our private off-piste lessons in Val d’Isère includes the loan of a bag with all the necessary equipment for your safety. Indeed, it seems normal to us to ensure your safety at best when it comes to off-piste skiing lessons.


There is a unique event in our resorts called the ‘Tour de la Tarentaise’. La Tarentaise is the name of the valley where Val d’Isère is located and is famous for the numerous ski resort there is. It is a very special ski trip, which allows you to cross 8 ski resorts in one day, without having to walk, using only the ski lifts of the resorts. 

This tour of the Tarentaise is a real ski adventure, which nevertheless offers itineraries that can be adapted according to your desires, and your technique. Nonetheless, you still need to have a good experience in off-piste skiing and be comfortable enough, to make such a long and challenging run. But despite the difficulty, the Tarentaise Tour is the perfect opportunity to test your limits and create unforgettable memories. 


Val d’Isère is also very known for ski touring, which is why we also offer private ski touring lessons. Our qualified ski touring instructors will be able to adapt to your rhythm and will define with you goals according to your level. They will do everything possible to ski with you in complete safety and to help you reach these objectives. 


If you are convinced that our private lessons would suit you, you can book now directly on our website: You will be able to choose the schedule that suits you best. If you would like more information about off-piste private lessons, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your entire disposal. You can do it by mail ( or by phone (+33(0) 4 79 01 00 12). Our receptionists will also be able to help you with your booking, and even make it for you remotely. Also, our office is open every day to inform you about the snow conditions of the moment, so do not hesitate to visit us before your runs. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon, on the off-piste of Val d’Isère, the entire Prosneige team. 

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