Private ski lessons – Tignes

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Private ski lessons in Tignes are ideal for a personalised follow-up and rapid progress. Also called private ski lessons, they ensure a rapid evolution of your skiing technique.

If you want a personalized follow-up and fast progress, if you prefer to learn on your own rather than in a group, private ski lessons are perfect for you. Our private lessons will ensure that your skiing technique thrives quickly and will allow you to overcome certain fears or blockages that prevent you from reaching your goals. 

Thanks to this personalized follow-up, you will be able to start skiing, get back on the slopes or decide to challenge yourself and go beyond your limits. You will have the possibility to book a lesson for the time you wish during the week. This allows greater flexibility and will make it easier for you to organize your stay in Tignes.


Within our private ski lessons, you will benefit from a personalized follow-up, which will be perfectly adapted to your desires and your goals. Our instructors will create exercises, lessons and itineraries adapted to you, and to your physical condition, so that it goes in the best possible conditions. Do not hesitate to express specific requests if you have any, points that bother you or technical elements that you would specifically like to work on. Our method, at Prosneige, is made to be adapted to all of our clients. Your instructor will also be able to give you advice to apply outside of private lessons, or to indicate you what slopes to do, so that you can progress on your own too. Indeed, we also wish to make you autonomous and confident on the slopes so that skiing remains a pleasure for you, and not a source of stress. We are also here to reassure you and unblock any fears you may have. 

It is therefore a perfect solution whatever your level, beginner, intermediate or confirmed. It is also an opportunity to share unique moments with a ski enthusiast and a passionate, who will not fail to show you unique itineraries in the beautiful resort that Tignes is. They are suitable for adults as well as children, of course.


In addition to booking ski lessons, you can choose to take several options that will benefit you. Our most interesting option is the “equipment + lesson” formula. It offers you interesting discounts on the price of renting equipment from us. It also allows you to have only one place to pick up and drop off your equipment. Furthermore, we offer you a free ski deposit in our shop to leave your equipment from one day to the next. This will allow you to save space in the flat you have, and not have to carry your equipment every day. We will take care of it in your absence: your skis will be waxed and sharpened, the ski shoes will be dried after the sessions, all done by our specialized teams. It is always possible to change the equipment rented during your stay or even before your arrival if you wish to upgrade or change models. This change will be free of charge.

You can also choose to take our beginner and class 1 ski pass, which allows you to pay less for your ski pass. However, this package limits you to a few lifts only and may not be suitable for more advanced practice. To find out if you can take it, talk to your ski instructor beforehand. 


Since our watchwords are availability and flexibility, with a view to the customer experience, we want to do our best to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. Therefore, we make sure that our instructors can meet you wherever you wish to start your course. For example, they can meet you in front of your residence or at a point on the slopes that suits you best. They will introduce you to the equipment and help you prepare if you are unfamiliar with it. So do not hesitate to ask for a meeting point, which will be respected as much as possible.

During the school holidays and when the resort of Tignes is the most busy, our private lessons will start in front of our shop in the resort, in order to make it easier for our teams to follow the lessons. You will find the map to find us in the email you will receive to confirm your booking. This is also where you will find your ski deposit, for you and your family, if you have chosen Prosneige to rent your ski equipment. Outside these busy periods, the meeting points can be chosen by you. 

On the other hand, we can not compromise about safety in private ski lessons in Tignes. As it is a big resort, very crowded, and safety is crucial for you as well as for other skiers. As your instructors and as experts, our mission is to make sure that everything goes well during your practice on the slopes. 


It is true that private lessons are more expensive than group lessons and do not have the special atmosphere of a group. Nevertheless, they can sometimes be more adapted to you, according to your expectations. 

For example, it is ideal to start if you do not feel like starting in a group; you will progress quickly and can quickly reach a level that allows you to evolve in autonomy and confidence. Or maybe you want to get back on the slopes after a break of a few seasons and start again on a more solid basis. With your instructor you will confirm your skills and will be able to find your previous level and above all to progress. Even if there is no group atmosphere in the private lessons, a special bond is created between you and your ski instructor. This is one of our greatest sources of pride, as often our instructors are specifically asked for from one year to the next as the lessons have gone so well. 

Our method can also rely on video footage of you, in order to observe the necessary corrections. This allows a better understanding of your posture and the corrections to be made. We can also better see the technical blockages or fears, and thus progress faster and further. Do not hesitate to ask for it! 


During your private lessons, you can learn both about ski technique and the beautiful resort of Tignes. Our instructors will be happy to teach you the secrets of our mountains.This will allow you to understand even better the life in altitude and the special climate of the mountains. In the same way, advice on the life and atmosphere in the resort can be given to you according to your needs. 

The instructor who will accompany you is chosen according to the practice you want to have on skis, whatever your discipline (skiing or snowboarding) is, in order to best meet your expectations. The instructor will also be chosen according to the language you wish to speak with him. At Prosneige, we have instructors who speak several languages, so do not hesitate to tell us which one suits you best. In all cases, and whatever your level, the instructor is there to accompany you in your skiing in complete safety in your private lessons. 

For your children, if they are enrolled in private lessons, they will still get a medal at the end of the week. This will allow them to understand what level they have, but also to have a nice reward at the end of your stay and to keep an unforgettable memory of Tignes. Discover the levels corresponding to the Prosneige medals.

The goal for us is that you regain confidence in yourself and your technique, so that you can evolve independently and reach your goals, or simply to have more fun on skis. It is not uncommon for our students to tell us that they have found themselves, at some point in their practice, faced with blockages or a loss of confidence. But after private lessons with us, they have managed to overcome their fears and blockages in order to regain a fluid and confident technique, and thus enjoy skiing even more. Often these fears or blockages are due to simple details, which are quickly spotted and dealt with by our instructors. After your private lessons, you will therefore have a more fluid, more efficient, and therefore less tiring technique, which will allow you to ski for whole days without worries.


If this short presentation has convinced you to take advantage of our expertise within our private ski lessons in Tignes, you can book your lesson directly on our website: If you have the slightest question, or the slightest doubt during your booking, you can contact us by phone: +33(0) or by email Our receptionists will be happy to answer your questions and can even accompany you throughout your booking, or make the reservation for you.

We hope that we have answered your questions as well as possible and that we have been able to guide you as to which course to choose at Prosneige. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes of Tignes, the entire Prosneige team.