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Private snowboard lessons in Tignes. The ideal solution to discover the practice or progress in snowboarding accompanied by specialised instructors.

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You want to be helped personally and attentively, in order to have a progression that suits you, and you do not wish to join a group in a group lesson ? Our private snowboard lessons in Tignes will perfectly meet your expectations. They will ensure that you progress rapidly both in your techniques and in your state of mind. At the end of a week with your Prosneige instructor, you will be perfectly at ease on your snowboard, in autonomy, and this whatever your starting level is.


In our private snowboard lessons in Tignes, you will be accompanied throughout your snowboarding learning thanks to a personal follow-up by our instructors. Your instructor will help you to meet your desires. Whatever your goals are or the discipline in which you wish to improve, our instructors will adapt to your desires in order to offer you the best possible services during the week. Our instructors will listen to you first and foremost and create itineraries and exercises especially for you. 

The aim is to make you feel confident on the slopes of Tignes, so that your practice in autonomy is as easy as possible for you, and secure for others. Therefore, private snowboarding lessons might be the best solution for you, if you want to reach your goals as quickly as possible or regain your confidence. Of course, safety will represent an important aspect of your learning, so that you do not injure yourself or other skiers or snowboarders. Tignes is a vast and busy resort, so it is important to stay aware and alert when snowboarding, on slopes or off-piste. You can book a private snowboard lesson for as long as you want during your stay, according to your needs and your schedule. This remains flexible so that you can organize your stay in the resort as you wish.


Moreover, snowboarding requires more courage than skiing, in general. It is often less obvious to learn snowboarding because of the two feet that are bounded together. But do not worry, the sensations will only be stronger once you have acquired the basic techniques or regained your confidence. For the more beginners, the technique comes even faster if you have already skied. The progression can be amazingly fast; after a week of lessons, the most beginners will be able to do multiple turns on green slopes. 

Indeed, the hardest part in snowboarding is the beginning. Once you have acquired how to do turns, the technique becomes easier and easier to master. At the end of the sessions, advice will be given to you in order to continue to progress independently, outside of private lessons. Do not hesitate to ask for exercises or itineraries to do to improve by yourself, if you wish!


In order to remain the most available for you, we try to be as flexible as possible and make your life easier. This way, you will be able to choose where to start your private snowboard lesson in Tignes, either on a specific point on the slopes or in front of your residence. As far as possible, i.e. depending on the instructor’s schedule and the business of Tignes ski resort, your instructor will meet you there to start the lesson. The instructor will also show you how to equip yourself and explain how the equipment works if you need it. You can also choose to meet up at our salespoint, where your equipment will be stored if you have rented it from us. During busy periods, your course will systematically start in front of our salespoint, in order to make the organization easier and respect course schedules as much as possible. 

To find the exact location of our shop in the resort of Tignes, go to our website, but also in the attachments of your booking confirmation email. If you have any remaining doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us (+33(0) or  

Once on the slopes with you, your instructor will suggest various exercises adapted to your objectives, your technique, and your physical capacity. Communication is very important in a snowboard lesson so that the practice remains a pleasure for you : don’t hesitate to let us know what suits you and what doesn’t, or what you would like to change. The instructor will listen to you, while always being aware of your safety, and putting it above all else. 

Private snowboard lessons are therefore perfectly suitable to any level of snowboarding, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, or even for people who wants to get back on snowboard after a break.


During your reservation, you will have several options available to you. The first one is the “lessons + equipment” offer which allows you to have an interesting discount on the rental of your equipment with us, at Prosneige. This discount can also be counted for the equipment of other members of your family. This formula also gives you access to a free ski deposit in our premises, where you can leave your snowboard and boots in the evening and collect them in the morning. During the evening, your equipment will have been maintained by our teams, i.e. waxed, sharpened, and dried (for the boots). You can also choose in advance the model, range and even brand of your equipment if you wish. If, however, your equipment is not suitable for any reason, you can always change it during your stay, and it is free of charge. You can even upgrade your equipment. 

We also offer a package of ski passes for beginners, which is much cheaper than those you could take directly at the resort. However, this ski pass is only suitable for beginners and class 1, ask your instructor if it is sufficient or not before taking it.


Our teams are both passionate and professional of snowboarding, but above all of enthusiasts who will be happy to discuss with you on the snowboard practice. In addition to learning snowboarding techniques, you will learn more about life at high altitude, the organization of a ski resort like Tignes and the weather conditions in the mountains. Nevertheless, the role of our instructors is above all to ensure your safety on the slopes or off-piste. Mountain sports require greater awareness and our instructors do not compromise on safety. 

Our instructors will also adapt to the discipline you wish to learn on a snowboard, as well as the techniques you want to master. Whatever your starting level and your goals, you will be given personalized advice. The instructor who will accompany you in your practice will be chosen according to the language you wish to speak during your stay. We have instructors who speak multiple languages, so do not hesitate to ask for a specific language.

In addition, for your children enrolled in private lessons with us, we deliver the medal at the end of the week. This will be both a nice reward for the efforts made throughout the week and will allow you to better understand the child’s progress and level. Discover the levels corresponding to the Prosneige medals.


The main reason for taking a private lesson rather than a group lesson is the very personal follow-up, which is more complicated when you are in a group. Also, it allows you to have a better idea of your level and not have to adapt to the rhythm of a group. The private lesson remains the ideal solution, whatever your level. It is even advisable when you want to resume snowboarding after a break or when you want to overcome certain fears. 

Also, there is an interesting exercise to do in private lessons, which is video correction. Watching yourself snowboarding will help you understand the elements you need to work on, and you will realize your real posture. This can help to overcome possible misunderstandings or persistent blockages. So, do not hesitate to ask for it!

The aim of the private lesson is to make you confident and autonomous on a snowboard and to challenge you if you are more advanced. Above all, we want you to be as comfortable out of lesson, on your own, as you are with our instructors. It is therefore interesting to ask which exercises to do alone, or which slopes to take outside the lessons, in order to continue to progress and gain confidence. The more you practice, the more your technique will be better, and it will be less and less tiring to do long days of snowboarding. 


If you feel ready to book your private lesson with the Prosneige schools, you can do so online on our website: If you need more information or if you have any questions, please contact us by email at the following address: or by phone +33(0) Following your reservation, you will receive an email summarizing your order, your options and useful information to know before your first lesson. 

We hope that we have answered your questions as well as possible and that we have been able to guide you as to which course to choose at Prosneige. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes of Tignes, the entire Prosneige team.