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Private snowboard lessons in Val d’Isère offer fast and steady progress. Small groups accompanied by instructors specialised in snowboarding.

Do you want to discover snowboarding without any stress? Or get personalized advice to overcome fears or technical blockages? Or would you like to discover new paths in the ski resort of Val d’Isère? The snowboard private lessons that we, at Prosneige, offer is the best option for you.


A private snowboard lesson in Prosneige Val d’Isère is, first and foremost, to be accompanied by a professional of the discipline, and a passionate one. Nevertheless, the snowboard instructor is of course there for you, listening to your needs and desires. As such, private lessons may appear to be the best solution to make rapid progress and reach the goals you set as quickly as possible. Of course, the priority will also be on your safety during these lessons, as well as on the pleasure and stress-relief that comes from skiing in a setting as idyllic as Val d’Isère. 

In our school, you have the possibility to book a lesson for as long as you wish, from 1 hour to a whole day. You can organize your holidays as you wish, thanks to these flexible schedules. It is therefore a tailor-made solution that we offer you in private snowboarding lessons with our specialized team. They will be able to adapt their teaching to your physical condition, your desires, and your goals. It is also important to talk to your instructor throughout the week about all of this, in order to establish a relationship of trust between you. Therefore, private lessons are as suitable for beginners as they are for advanced snowboarders. Whatever you are looking for with us, our teams will be able to meet your desires. It is also possible to spend a few hours with us in order to get back on your snowboard serenely, to work again the technical basics and to regain your self-confidence. 

Snowboarding is a discipline that can be very playful, but like any sport, it requires learning the technical bases and solid foundations to progress serenely. The good news is that with us, we guarantee that you will learn how to ride quickly, maybe even faster than you think. It is not uncommon that after a good first snowboarding initiation lesson, our students, whatever their age, are able to do turns independently on a green slope ! In snowboarding, once you have passed the course of turns in autonomy, you will realize, with pleasure, that the most complicated is behind you. Soon, snowboarding will become a real passion, and you will enjoy each lesson more and more, whether with your instructor or on your own. Because the final goal is that you are autonomous and confident on the slopes of Val d’Isère.


At our school, you can also take advantage of our offer that consist in “lessons + equipment”. We also offer equipment rental in our sales outlets. We ensure you its quality and diversity, so that you can always find the type and brand you want to. Beginner, intermediate or advanced, you will find the best equipment for your level and the snow conditions of the moment. Your family will also be able to equip themselves. By booking your lesson and equipment with us, you will benefit from our free deposit on our premises, which are located directly on the snow front. We will make sure that your snowboard boots are dried and maintained every evening and that your skis are waxed and sharpened by hand. All of this will be taken care by our staff. You will have your equipment back in optimal condition the next day, ready for another day of snowboarding. If you realize that your equipment no longer suits you, and that, because of this, you wish to change range or model, you can always do so. The change will be free of charge and can be done throughout your stay in Val d’Isère. 


Flexibility and availability are key words for us. If you choose morning private lessons with Prosneige, our instructors can meet you at your place of residence. This will allow them to show you the equipment, help you get equipped and discuss the upcoming course. It can also help you to find your way to the slopes. During school holidays, French and foreign, are busy times in Val d’Isère and the ski schools are therefore quite busy. Thus, the meeting-point will be at our shop, where the deposits are. But outside of these particular periods, our private lesson instructors can meet you at the location of your choice on the ski area, so that the lesson can start wherever you want. Do not hesitate to talk to us beforehand so that our instructors have time to get organized. Finally, you can choose to meet us in our Prosneige store. Our point of sale is ideally located within the resort of Val d’Isère, right next to the slopes. There are just beside ski pass sales office in the Val Village. Please remind that, during busy periods, private snowboard lessons in Val d’Isère will systematically start at this meeting point. 

If you have chosen to trust us for the rental of your equipment, we offer you a free ski deposit on our premises. It will be in our shop. It is therefore an important place for you to remember. 


Our snowboard instructors in private lessons are professionals and enthusiasts who will bring you all their experience, to help you progress quickly. They will also be delighted to share with you all the secrets of the resort and explain the life in altitude. We wish to create a healthy and pleasant atmosphere with all of our customer. Nevertheless, our instructors will always put your safety first in their decision making. They look forward to reconcile your desires and your safety in order to optimize the time spent with you. Our primary mission remains to guide you through your snowboarding experience in complete safety. Of course, we consider as essential the pleasure, that is a real driving force when it comes to learning a sport, and especially during holidays. Our goal is to help you progress and create new challenges for you in complete safety. If you have not snowboard for a long time and you want to get back on track with a healthy basis in order to regain your confidence, a private lesson is highly recommended. It is the best option to do so. 

It is always possible to ask for video corrections if you request it. This method can be particularly useful to overcome misunderstandings about your posture or technique, and to overcome possible apprehensions on the snow. In addition, personalized exercises, and advice on life in the resort can be given to you, according to your expectations. You can also ask your private instructor for advice to be applied outside the lessons, in order to progress more independently on your own. This is also the aim of these private snowboard lessons : to be able to progress with confidence and autonomy on the varied slopes that Val d’Isère offers. Sometimes, long lasting blockages are quickly resolved; bad posture or a technical detail are often the cause. After overcoming this blockage, your technique becomes more fluid, less tiring and more enjoyable for you. 

Our snowboard instructors are chosen according to their specialty to satisfy you, but also according to the language you will practice with them. This will allow a greater comfort for you. 

To conclude, whether you want to start snowboarding in powder snow or learn new tricks, our snowboard instructors will be chosen to satisfy your needs. It is a commitment we make, and which is dear to us : you will have the best instructor for you according to the expectations you will express. Indeed, whatever your level, our instructors will be ready to give their best to help you progress in your chosen discipline. 

If you wish to take private snowboard lessons with your family or friends, it is entirely possible to do so with us. However, it is important to know that the monitor will adapt to the lowest level of the group.

For children, even in private snowboard lessons, we offer you the medal corresponding to the level reached. This will not only create good memories but will allow the child and his parents to know the true level they achieved.


If this information allows you to finalize your booking, you can do so online, directly on our Prosneige website, specifying the resort of Val d’Isère: You can also contact us by email ( or by phone (+33(0) 4 79 01 00 12). Our booking team will be able to help you throughout your booking, and even make your reservation remotely. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information, our teams will be delighted to simplify the organization of your vacation in the resort of Val d’Isère.

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes of Val d’Isère. Prosneige team. 

Private snowboard lessons