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Ski group lessons for adults in Val d’Isère are lessons for a maximum of 6 people, a perfect formula to combine progress and good humour!

You want to have fun but also progress, safely, at skiing ? Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, you will find what you are looking for with our group lessons, here, in Val d’Isère ! 


For all levels at ski, we offer classes from 9am to 12pm the morning and from 2pm to 5pm the afternoon. We really want to keep the group as small and human-scaled as possible ; thus, every will not have more than 6 students. In our group lessons for adults, you always have the possibility to change levels. If you find yours to be too hard for you, or you want to challenge yourself a little bit more, we will make sure to listen to you and make you desire possible, within our capacity. These small groups, of only 6 adults, along with the constant adjustments made by the instructor, will allow a good atmosphere be created. It is this pleasant atmosphere that represents one of the many advantages given by a group lesson at Prosneige. 

The instructor will be please to share with all the participants the secrets of the ski area of Val d’Isère. This ski resort will be the perfect setting for your vacation with us. Our small groups allow you to feel at ease very quickly with the other participants, from the very beginning of the week. All week long, we will work on technical elements according to the progress of our students.

In our group lessons, with a maximum of 6 people, each student is considered, and it is very important for our team to make sure every student feel confident in each class. Each adult has its progression checked up, with personalized technical advice and chosen exercises. Our instructors are chosen according to the language you want to talk with them. At the same time, our group lessons are given in your language, and we try the best we can to harmonize groups. 

All of our group lessons start at the same time. The only exception is the Sunday morning group, which starts at 10am. This special schedule is made to allow every member to come with as little stress as possible ; to make sure everyone has time to find us and be at the meeting-point on time the first day of the vacation in Val d’Isère.

We are firmly convinced that pleasure is the basis of learning. Therefore, we look after creating a great atmosphere, that is healthy and convivial for each participant from the very first lesson. We want to ease as much as we can your vacation. Following this idea, we put up deposit for your equipment in our premises. It is also where all our ski group lessons start. The final goal, for our staff, is to make everyone live the best experiences on the ski, and for everyone to create the best memories. 


The Val d’Isère ski area is an incredible playground with the constant guarantee of an incredible snow, thanks, of course, to its altitude. Val d’Isère is a village at 1800m and has a summit at over 3000 meters. It is an optimal setting for your ski group lessons. The ski resort offers slopes for every level, every skier, which means it is the perfect place to progress no matter what level you are. From the beginner spaces to mythical World Cup’s slopes, all these various terrains will help you materialize what you learned during group lessons.  Your instructor will choose the slopes according to your and the overall group level, to the quality of the snow but also according to the number of skiers. Your instructor will be able to help you in the choice of your equipment which is especially relevant when you want to progress, according to your level and the conditions of the moment.


We are ideally located on the snow front, right next to the ski pass sales office in the Val Village. Our adult group lessons start in front of our Prosneige shop, where you can leave your equipment in deposit, which is free of charge, if you trust us for the equipment rental. 


With our group courses, here in Val d’Isère, we offer you a specially adapted offer for beginners and level 1. Equipment, ski pass and group ski lessons are all included in a pack and can be booked in advance. This will make you save money and time, allow you to get your equipment and lesson at the same place and thus, to have only one place in the ski resort to go to the first day. The purpose of the first lessons is to discover the sliding feeling, to get to know the ski resort, snow, equipment and ski lifts of Val d’Isère. In one word, to make you confident in this new environment that is a ski resort. We guarantee you equipment that is maintained and comfortable. 


In order for our students to have maximum pleasure in a group lesson, the group must be able to evolve on slopes in harmony, with a pace that is adapted to each participant. It is therefore important to book a lesson at the right level. Of course, our instructors will adapt to you. There is no problem if you wish to change groups, our teams will be at your entire disposal. 

You can watch our videos of group lessons in order to better understand the levels. Obviously, our booking teams are there to help you by email or phone, if you have any doubts. Each ski school uses defined levels. Prosneige, with several years of experience has determined 5 classified levels.

Ski group lessons adults Prosneige levels

As in every sport, the progression is not linear, especially when approaching confirmed cycles. It is a longer learning process because the more you evolve, the more technical the elements become and require more precision. This is what will allow our students to become accomplished skiers. It is therefore completely normal to re-enroll in the same level to validate it comfortably and thus approach the next stage of progression with confidence. 

Each person progresses at his or her own pace, so it is normal to be able to change groups. It must be said that the first two days of the week will be a time of harmonization for ski group lessons adult in Val d’Isère. If a change is necessary, it will result from an agreement between the student and the instructor, who will always search for the benefit of the student. We take care not to disrupt your progress if this should happen. We stay open to dialogue, at every time of your vacation, because we are really looking forward to create a strong relationship between us, based on trust. This may seem technical to you, but trust us, because we are convinced that progress is only possible through fun!


You can book online directly on our website : You can also contact us by email  ( or by phone at +33(0) 4 79 01 00 12. Our booking team will be able to help you at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us, our teams will be delighted to help you make your holiday a success.


You will receive a confirmation by e-mail, which will summarize your reservation with us at Prosneige. However, our teams remain at your disposal to answer your questions.

The time indicated is the start time of the group ski lessons, in the chosen level. It is recommended for you to come 10 minutes early, especially on the first day of lesson. This will allow our instructors to take the time to help you get equipped and join your group. We will be happy to welcome you the day before your group lesson to have you try out the equipment, so that it is as suitable as possible. You do not have to pick it up because we offer you the deposit ; you can wait for the next morning.

At the beginning of the ski group lesson for adult beginners in Val d’Isère, the instructor will introduce himself and the equipment to make you feel comfortable with the world of skiing. Very quickly, however, fear will disappear in favor to the pleasure given by the first slopes. After having learned to stop alone, the first turns will be the first goal towards knowing how to ski independently. The safe use of the ski lifts is also part of the elements seen during the first lessons. You will also benefit from the priority line in ski lifts queues, in order to lose as little time as possible and to progress even more rapidly. At the end of the course, our instructors will take a moment with everyone to debrief the session. The points worked on, and exercises to practice on your own will be recommended, as well as examples of slopes that you can take to ski outside of class.


Make sure you do not forget your ski pass before each lesson. As an alternative to regular ski passes, you can choose to take your pass with us, which is cheaper and even easier. Please note that the package with the ski pass we offer are only suitable for beginners. If your level is more advanced, it might not be advantageous to choose it. Your instructor will give it to you at the beginning of the adult group lesson if you do not have it yet. 

We hope that all this information will help you with your booking for ski group lessons in Val d’Isère for adults. If you still have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be a pleasure for us to answer your questions. 

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes of Val d’Isère. Prosneige team.