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Snowboard group lessons in Val d’Isère.

An ideal formula for discovering or improving your snowboarding skills, all accompanied by a passionate and specialised instructor.

If you want to have fun, progress, and reach your goals safely, Prosneige’s group snowboarding lessons are made for you !

In our group lessons, with a maximum of 6 people, you will be supervised by an instructor who is specialist in snowboarding. Learning with someone so experienced makes all the difference ! Furthermore, our snowboard instructors love snowboarding above all : who better than a passionate person to help you progress ?


You have to keep in mind that snowboarding is a very specific discipline, may be less natural for some people since both feet are immobile. It might be very demanding at the beginning. Nevertheless, we guarantee a quick and regular progress within Prosneige school. Once the basics are acquired in our group lessons, the progress is spectacular. It is quite common that, after a week of group snowboarding lessons, our students, among the most beginners, can ride safely on red slopes. Snowboarding remains, despite its demanding technique at the beginning, a very playful sport where pleasure is constant.

What a pleasure to carve on a perfect slope ! And what about snowboarding feelings in a completely new snow ! Or even to finally do the first 360° on a bump in the Snowpark ! But like all sports, snowboarding requires a technical learning ; good news: with a bit of rigor it is possible to become a quickly an advanced snowboarder. In addition, a person who has basic ski skills will quickly become comfortable on a snowboard.

Once learning backside turns and front side turns (which are often less natural), the progress is impressively fast. This is why our group snowboard lessons are so popular. The atmosphere of the group, which every member contributes to create, is generally very pleasant from the beginning of the week, is a strong driving force to learn snowboard. Our instructors, true snowboard lovers, will be enthusiastic to share their passion in the beautiful ski resort of Val d’Isère.

The origin of the practice was focused on powder snow, then quickly turned towards freestyle. Today snowboarding has evolved, like skiing, with modern equipment and therefore a diversified practice. This allows us, within our snowboard group lessons, to do various exercises and practices : it will be possible to do carving, to do a flat session or even off-piste. There is, as you can read, a specific vocabulary, which our instructors will teach you in the first few days, so that you will be familiarized as soon as possible with the curious environment of snowboarding.


Our group snowboarding lessons start at 9am and finish at 12am in the morning and start at 2pm and finish at 5pm in the afternoon. In any case, whatever time of the day you choose, the limit remains at a maximum of 6 students per group. Instructions are at your disposal before the group lessons for your rented equipment. It is common to see different rhythm of progress depending on our students, so do not worry, you always have the possibility to change levels during the week. Among the many advantages of our group snowboard lessons, the good atmosphere created by adults sharing unforgettable moments is one of them. Furthermore, the instructor who will supervise your group will be pleased to share with each student all the secrets of the Val d’Isère ski area. Our small groups allow you to feel at ease very quickly and to progress with confidence.

In our group lessons in Val d’Isère, we consider that every student must be considered. Each individual is followed in his/her progress, and special attention will be given to each one, thanks to personalized technical advice. Our instructors are chosen according to the language you wish to speak during your vacation; therefore, your group lessons will be given in your own language, for your comfort. At Prosneige, our teams are convinced that well-being and confidence are the basis of a good learning experience. This not only allows you to progress rapidly towards your goals, but also to live great experiences and meet people in your group. 


Val d’Isère is a world-famous resort for its history with competitive skiing. Nevertheless, it is a resort that offers a varied terrain, with excellent snow that has attracted snowboarders from all over the world. No matter what level you come to us with, you will find slopes to suit your level and taste in Val d’Isère. From beginners’ areas to the mythical World Cup slopes, you will be able to put all your newly acquired skills into practice.

Your instructor will guide you on the slopes according to your level, the quality of the snow and the number of skiers, so that your group is as comfortable as possible. Your instructor will also be able to help you in the choice of your snowboard equipment, which is primordial for your learning. This choice must be made not only according to your technique but also to the snow conditions of the moment.


We are lucky to have premises ideally located next to the slopes, on the snow front itself. You will find us next to the Val Village ski pass Sales Office. Concerning the snowboard group lessons, they will start in front of our shop. You will also find a free deposit for all the equipment you rent from us.


With our snowboard group lessons in Val d’Isère, we have created a specific pack for beginners or level 1 students. In this pack, you will find the equipment, ski pass and the snowboard lessons, which you can book in advance. This pack makes your vacation easier, in addition to the savings you make : you will not have to wait and there is only one meeting point. The aim of the first snowboard lessons is to feel the first sensations of snowboarding, to familiarize yourself with the atmosphere and the snowboarding environment, to try out different types of snow and the first ski lifts. If you rent from us, we guarantee that the equipment you rent will be adapted, looked after and as comfortable as possible for you. 


In order for all participants to feel confident in our snowboard group lessons in Val d’Isère, it is important that the group can evolve harmoniously all together. Without asking for uniformity, it is nevertheless essential to sign in a level that is adapted. Of course, it will always be possible to change it once you arrived, our teams will adapt to your requirements. On the website, you will find videos explaining how our snowboard group lessons work. Our booking team is at your disposal for any information you might need. You can contact them by email ( or by phone (+33(0) 4 79 01 00 12). The snowboarding levels are different according to the different ski schools. After years of experience, please find below the organization chosen by Prosneige :

Snowboard group lessons Prosneige levels

We are aware that each snowboard student evolves at his or her own pace, and that the progression will be different for each of them. It is just as natural that the first day should be devoted to a light evaluation and harmonization work within the group lesson. If a student wants to change groups, this is possible. An agreement will be found between the instructor, the students and the other groups if necessary. However, instructor will always talk for the  benefit of his pupil. As far as possible, we will make sure that your progress is not damaged by this change. During this process, we will always be open to dialogue, to build a healthy and trusting relationship with you.


To book your group snowboard lesson in the resort of Val d’Isère, it is very easy. Several means are available : booking directly on the website, via You can also book remotely by calling us (+33(0) 4 79 01 00 12) or by email at If you doubt or need any clarification, do not hesitate to ask for advice from our teams via the same contacts.


You will receive a confirmation by mail which will give you the details of the booking made with us. All the elements you might need will be in the different documents attached to this mail. If you still have any doubts, our team is at your disposal. The timetables given will indicate the start and end times of your course. It is usually recommended to arrive 10 minutes early, especially on the first days of class, to allow your instructors to introduce themselves. They will then take time to explain the plan for the coming week. Our teams will help you to get equipped and find your group. It is important to remind you that for your equipment rented from us, a deposit is available on our premises.

This time spent at the beginning of the week, explaining the equipment and the vocabulary, is very important, especially for beginner level group lessons. Quickly, the apprehension will be replaced by the pleasure of the first slides on your board. Once you have learned the basics, such as stopping, turning, the goal is to be able to ride by yourself. The safe use of ski lifts is also part of these basics. Your group will be able to take advantage of the priority line for ski lifts. At the end of the course, our instructors will take a moment with each of you to debrief the group lesson. This way, you will get personalized advice and exercises adapted to your technique and your progress. You may be given instructions on how to snowboard on your own, outside the group lesson.


Make sure you do not forget your ski pass. It is interesting for beginners to look at our package offer at interesting prices. However, this beginner’s ski pass will not be suitable for more advanced levels. 

We are looking forward to seeing you snowboarding on the slopes of Val d’Isère,

The entire team of Snow Prosneige.