How to choose your alpine skis?

Choosing your alpine skis is essential for having fun on the snow and making the most of the sliding sensations. Buy alpine skis Buy kids alpine skis[homey-space height="50"] It is important to have a ski adapted to you. There are no more bad quality skis today, you just have to choose the ones that willRead More »How to choose your alpine skis?

How to choose your ski socks?

Choosing your ski socks is a necessary step. The ski sock is a very important underlay for the skier's comfort.  Buy ski socks[homey-space height="50"] When you choose your ski socks, it must meet a number of different requirements: Insulation and thermal regulation to keep your feet at the ideal temperature. Ventilation and moisture removal AvoidRead More »How to choose your ski socks?

The different types of skis

What are the different types of skis? Which ski should I choose? How to conceal it with my budget? Ski is a curved blade placed under your foot to slide properly on snow. Considering your budget and your level, you must choose the most adapted blade to enjoy fully your winter holidays.  Thus, you mustRead More »The different types of skis

Choosing your rental snowboard

How to choose my rental snowboard? Why such a price difference? Why so much different models? I am expert, I am beginner, it is form y 10 years old child, I need advice for my child… Let the Prosneige ski instructors help you! Book rental snowboard adult Book rental snowboard children PROSNEIGE SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTORS HELPRead More »Choosing your rental snowboard

Choosing your adults rental skis

How to choose your adult rental skis. What are the ski categories, especially those for adult rental skis? Why so many choices of rental ski equipment? Let's take the time to explain. LEVEL QUALITY INTEREST Beginners to a few days Book ski 2* Limited budget, very manoeuvrable ski, warning: less grip at high speed BookRead More »Choosing your adults rental skis

FAQ Ski rental

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT SKI RENTAL [homey-space height="50"] Can we come the day before to pick up the equipment? Can I change my skis/shoes if it doesn't fit? Can I get blue or pink skis/helmet? Can we come the day before to pick up the equipment? Yes, it's even ideal. So the next day youRead More »FAQ Ski rental

FAQ ski lessons

[homey-space height="50"] FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT SKI LESSONS ABOUT SKI LESSON... How many kids in the lesson? How old are the children in the class? What's a ski group lesson? What's a private lesson? How to choose between a group lesson or a private lesson?  What should I bring to the first day of lesson?Read More »FAQ ski lessons