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Private off-piste lessons – Les Menuires

Private off-piste lessons, skiing or snowboarding, is a safe outing supervised by professionals, discovering a new playground. Book private off-piste skiing lessons Book private off-piste snowboarding lessons[homey-space height="50"] Are you looking for a ski instructor for an off-piste lesson in Les Menuires? You have come to the right place, our ski and snowboard school ProsneigeRead More »Private off-piste lessons – Les Menuires

Private ski lessons – Les Menuires

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Private ski lessons Prosneige Les Menuires.

Those lessons are made-to-measure courses that adapt to your needs, children and adults alike.

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Are you looking for a ski instructor for a private lesson in Les Menuires? You have come to the right place, our ski and snowboard school Prosneige is ready to give you the best possible experience in the beautiful ski resort that Les Menuires is. 

Prosneige is a ski school that has been present in the Trois Vallées for more than 25 years, so it has a lot of experience in the well-being of the client. The Trois Vallées ski area is the largest in the world, and is currently made up of 8 ski resorts : Les Menuires, Val Thorens, Saint Martin de Belleville, Orelle, Méribel, Brides Les Bains, La Tania and Courchevel. Prosneige is present in 4 of these 8 resorts: Les Menuires, Val Thorens, Méribel and Courchevel. 

Les Menuires is a family ski resort located in Savoie, in the Tarentaise Valley. It is ideal for beginners but also for experienced skiers or those who want to experiment new types of practice. It has magnificent slopes and good snow conditions throughout the year to please all types of skiers.

Prosneige Les Menuires is located in the center of the resort in the Croisette district. Our premises are very easily identifiable thanks to our large green signs. As you will see when you arrive in the area, our Prosneige premises are located on the snow front ! At the school you will find the reception where we welcome you throughout your stay with us. There, you will also find ski deposits for dropping off your equipment. This will allow you to avoid having to carry it every day from your hotel. Our team of 25 ski instructors like to spend a lot of time on our premises to enjoy our sunny terrace before starting their lessons. They are available for you if you have any questions, that is what the Prosneige service is all about : proximity and dialogue with our customers! Underneath our ski school is the Prosneige shop where you can get advice from our team of experts in rental, sales and bootfitting. There you will find all the equipment you need to make the most of your holiday in the beautiful ski resort of Les Menuires (clothing, accessories, equipment, sledges, etc.).

Our ski school offers group lessons but also private lessons in all disciplines (skiing, snowboarding, handiskiing, telemark, ski touring, etc). Our lessons can be given in French, English, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, German, and many other languages. Do not hesitate to ask us if we have an instructor who speaks your language, or a language in which you feel comfortable. Our team is international, and 17 languages are mastered! Here we will talk about private ski lessons with Prosneige Les Menuires. 


A private ski lesson is a lesson during which you privatize the instructor for yourself, your family or your friends. It is a formula which, unlike the group lesson, is personalized and is tailored to your wishes ! You choose the duration of the lesson, the number of sessions over the week and the discipline. The instructor then takes care of the content of the lesson to help you reach your goals. Therefore, certain qualities may be required of the instructor : that he/she can teach skiing in your native language in particular. At Prosneige, mastering languages is an essential element to be able to join our team of instructors ! A total of 17 languages are spoken by all our instructors. Each of them must, of course, be fluent in French and English, but also be able to teach in at least a third language. Our instructors are therefore able to teach you to ski in French, English, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, etc. Do not forget to ask us, we are sure that we have instructors who speak your language! Read More »Private ski lessons – Les Menuires

Kindergarten – Les Menuires

Kindergarten group lessons with Prosneige Les Menuires offer an adapted teaching method for the youngest skiers, from 3 years old. Book lessons kindergarten morning Book lessons kindergarten afternoon[homey-space] ARE YOU COMING TO LES MENUIRES FOR A HOLIDAY AND WOULD LIKE TO ENROL YOUR YOUNG CHILD IN GROUP LESSONS IN A SECURE KINDERGARTEN? WELCOME TO PROSNEIGERead More »Kindergarten – Les Menuires